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Today there is no dearth of personalized items in the world. Few years back, Prime Minister Modi’s personalized clothes and President Obama’s customized car made headlines. Today, be it apps, trainers, vehicles, toys, bags, shoes or clothing, there is nothing that is not personalized.

And why not?

After all, personalisation crafts special moments of life to an unforgettable experience. Isn’t it?

Meet Sindhu Kilari, who chose to make two of such special occasions, birthdays and weddings a memorable one with her love and passion for baking customised cakes.

Sindhu Kilari, a baker at heart and a management researcher in education. Like any other girl, she followed the path shown by her parents and completed her graduation. She went to Australia for further education and did her masters in biotechnology along with breast cancer research thesis from Latrobe University and did her Diploma of Management in Melbourne.

One would think, having such an education she should be finding a job in a science researching department. However, her heart always stayed in baking and cooking. Although, it took some time for her to realize her true passion. She grew up seeing her mother bake delicious cakes on her birthdays and she was inspired since a young age.

I should say it was the movie Bridesmaid which made me really interested in baking a cake at home. I was inspired by this movie and wanted to bake a cake myself. It was also one of my friend who inspired me to actually do it when she prepared a yummy cake at home.

-says Sindhu, remembering of how she began baking her first cake.

She even remembers the first cake she made was a chocolate mud cake, which she made following a recipe out of a cookbook that she picked in a store. Doing it for the first time, it took more hours to bake than the usual presumed time, but the results were good and the cake tasted yummy. She loved her efforts when a lot of people appreciated eating what she baked.

To me, baking became a part of my life since that day. To see the smiles and love, to feel the appreciations from my dear ones and to see people enjoy and be pleased with something I have done, gave me immense satisfaction.

-says Sindhu with a satisfied smile that shows her love for baking.

Her friends and colleagues encouraged her talent in baking. Soon she loved to bake a different variety and experiment various tastes every week. She learned cupcakes baking from a master class of SherylThai of Cupcake Central, Melbourne. After attending these classes her baking flew new levels and she found her job of research in the lab very less interesting. She began baking cakes for birthday parties and other small occasions within the circle of her friends and other close acquaintances in Melbourne that made a small income for her.

However, due to Visa problems she had to return back to India. Coming back she tried to find a suitable job here for her education for almost eight months. Finally, she did find a project in an ITC. But once she joined, she realized lab work is not for her and her true calling was meant in baking. Being inspired by a friend who quit his IT job to follow his passion, and many other talented people in the world of baking and cooking who had come from various educational backgrounds and yet being so passionate about their talents, Sindhu also decided to take the plunge into starting on her own and quit from the lab job. Hobby-turned-into-a-career only because of the appreciation and motivation received from friends and folks but this move was not supported by her family.

Remembering the difficult times when she began her page on Facebook to introduce her business to people and started to take orders, she tells-

My family was disappointed in me for quitting my research and lab career as my parents thought my decision was too silly and childish. Although, I stood my ground and was confident in what I wanted though it took some time to realize.

The testing time was when she started a new item in the cake menu, that is the Fondant cake. Because she was the first person to introduce the Fondant cake in her city and 90% of the people did not know what it is. She worked hard to market and educate people of its importance and difference in its taste. Slowly people began to line up in buying her cakes and Fondant cake became her speciality. Today her customized themed Fondant cakes are a big hit and everyone love to buy it from her. She also specializes in,

Miniatures and replicating food theme cakes

  • Painting cakes
  • Flavored cupcakes of about 60 flavors
  • Flavoured desserts
  • French desserts
  • Sugar flowers
  • Wafer paper
  • Wedding cakes

“Small opportunities are often the beginning of great achievements”

Stands true in the case of Sindhu Kilari. Even her family who was much angrier for her choice of career path began to see her passion and hard work towards her love for baking. They noticed her talent in baking beautiful, tasty cake and began to appreciate her. To stand and show the world of what you are capable when you have none for a support is not something easily done. However, Sindhu came out with flying colors and today she is running a well-established homemade cake shop. After her recent Europe trip, she has learned new desserts and desires to introduce them to her menu too.

Her vision is,

My vision is to set up a patisserie in my city with a unique, tasty desserts available all around the world. I should be the first person to make people taste a different kind of desserts and cakes. Cakes and desserts are a part of happy moments and I want to be remembered by all in their happy moments. My goal is to do my diploma in patisserie from a reputed institute like Lecordon Bleau and learn as many new techniques from the best in the industry. My dream is to participate in international cake shows and exhibitions and be an inspiration to other young talented youths who want to pursue their dreams.

When you are creative, your mind always takes various routes and finds many other interesting and creative things to do, isn’t it? Sindhu also loves jewelry making which found its way in miniature food jewelry with polymer clay and she also loves to make jewelry with clay, quilling and other recycled crafts.

Thinking to order a cake for a birthday or any other occasion? I say you do not need an occasion to eat a cake, what say? Check out Sindhu Kilari’s Eats and Treats and enjoy a yummy, and delicious cake.

Here is her FB Page .

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The Man Behind The Glamour and Beauty! 1764

Jewelery and Accessories add a little sparkle wherever you go.

Absolutely right!! Coz every piece of jewelry tells a story. Isn’t it??

Today I am here to share the story of a man who fancied, created and designed his own brand for jewellery. Meet Mr Abhishek Sehgal, owner of the fast-growing online brand of jewelry, JEVELEN, that has already made its mark all over the world, and is all set to make a mark in India too.

India is a country with a great passion for jewels, art, and culture. Various stones like ruby, diamonds, emeralds etc, not only have their prominence in enhancing beauty but also are used in significance to the horoscopes. We find custom made ornaments depending on our choices and Jevelen is one such brand set out to bring a difference at an affordable price and at the comfort of buying online.

I feel like Jewelry just happened! It kind of chose me, I think!!

– says Abhishek, thinking back to how he came into the business of gems and diamonds.

[aesop_image img=”” offset=”-100px” align=”right” lightbox=”on” captionposition=”left” revealfx=”off”]

Being born to a business class family of Delhi, he was always driven by a desire to start something on his own. A business that sets him as a unique and successful entrepreneur, a job where he can be his own boss. After completing his senior secondary in education, he decided to go to Sydney, Australia to find himself a job. But it was difficult to find a good one and he worked in a couple of places trying to find a living. He also worked in Agricultural farm land for few months before he found of job in a jewelry workshop.

I have always loved designing and doing creative things since my childhood and finding a job in designing and creating jewelry out of precious stones was like a dream come true to me.

– recalls Abhishek, with a smile on his face remembering his earlier days of his dream job when he initially started as a worker.

Although he was the most intelligent and best worker, his salary did not make him reach his dreams and to make his own mark with his talents that he learned over the time while designing the jewels.

Then is when he decided to start JEVELEN his own brand of beautiful Jewelry and accessories. He began to design and market his products. The start was definitely not a walk on a bed of roses. He did struggle to bring his business into one of the top-selling jewelers without any much back-up, support and being self-funded. Well, as they say, “where there is a will, there is a way”…. stands true to this man. There was no stepping back once he started and he began with promoting his products. As he was in Australia, he started from there and slowly he spread the business globally.

The biggest challenge for me was creating a product differentiation. Keeping that in mind, our products are unique in design and in its make. Jevelen Jewels are made with Rhodium, an American Diamond. The best part of it is they are not copied or merchandised and are original.

–  tells Abhishek who is all eager to bring it to his home country that is India.

Being successful globally, he is looking forward to launching the brand here in India with a dream of many possibilities. Launching his brand alone is not the idea, but he also wishes to provide jobs to the unemployed by setting up workshops of jewelry making across many cities in the country thereby hiring people with a craftsman’s hand.

The company will be launched with about 50+ franchise outlets across PAN India and will be soon one of the major jewelry brands of our country. The company also donates 10% of their monthly profit to charity in terms of child education, old-age homes, widows, animal feeding and orphanages trying to provide a hand to those in need.

Here is a man who not only has a good heart and is talented with an art of designing gems & diamonds but also knows the value of hard work.

As an entrepreneur and a good human being, Abhishek Sehgal, truly stands as an inspiration who has achieved so much at such a young age.

So, what are you waiting for? Go check Jevelen website and order up the fanciest jewels of your choice.

You can find Jevelen at


Their Facebook page at

Common Startup Mistakes Entrepreneurs Should Avoid 49

Setting up a new business is very difficult, launching up a startup is even more challenging. Attempting to build a company from scratch is a hideous task, regardless of prior experience many entrepreneurs pour in their energy, money, time and heart in developing a business idea. Unfortunately, due to lack of expertise, many startups fail within few months. You can avoid your startup from this misfortune, by not committing these common mistakes that kill startups:

  1. Launching it Alone

If you go through the history of successful business ventures, however big or small you will notice one thing in common, that is more than one founder at the time of launching. It is very rare for a startup to succeed if it has one founder. Having one or two extra partners not only makes it easier but also lessens the burden and there in enhances the chances of the startup to prosper.

  1. Not Researching the Business Idea

Failing to conduct a proper research on the business idea is one of the major mistakes novice entrepreneurs commit. Conducting a proper research of the business idea is very important, this allows you to find out the feasibility of your venture and if there is a proper market for your product and service.

  1. Absence of Enough Capital

Although there is no foolproof path of succeeding in the business world, having enough cash on hand will help you get started and can significantly increase your chances of succeeding. A majority of entrepreneurs make the mistake of using their personal savings or money they get from family and friends. There is no harm in taking loans from investors. Just remember this small trick, only borrow enough capital to take your business ahead.

  1. Choosing the Wrong Investors

While selecting an investor for outside funding, make sure to look at the value an investor will bring to your business, rather than focusing only on the money. A majority of startups make the mistake of going with investors who provide more capital, but in the long a run these investors can cause a lot of added pressure too.

5. Inappropriate Hiring

Unfortunately, entrepreneurs make the mistake of hiring a bunch of employees at a very early stage, on the other hand approaching talented part-timers for managing various aspects of the business is a more suitable and sensible plan.

6.Overlooking your Customers

When your business is going good, it’s likely to ignore the most crucial part: CUSTOMERS. Since customers are the backbone of every company ignoring customer feedback can bring unfavourable results.