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Small things and gestures are full of happiness !

This seems to be bit philosophical, that if you need to be happy, search happiness in small things and gestures. But the fact is, it’s not philosophy but the truth, only if you follow.

Over coffee chat, last weekend me and my two school friends (now all married and have at least 2 kids), we started this topic. Though this started from the compliment that I received on reaching the table on this high-profile coffee shop of our upcoming smart city. Compliment that ” Oh dear Sheena, your skin is glowing, what’s up??”. And our girly chat started ;). From the color of my suit to the probability of me getting pregnant third time (oh no, never!), we three discussed everything ( even face wash and face cream I used, haha). It was fun leg pulling of each other, but I surrendered to the point that “It’s nothing, but quite natural if you are happy”.

“HAPPY ???” again the word itself started calculations, misconceptions and misunderstandings to chat topic. But I made clear, it hasn’t had to be some “Big thing” to be happy, I am happy since I want to be.

My confession triggered another long conversation in us three while spending more than 2 hours with two rounds of our favourite coffee with a piece of cake.

But really, it does not has to be a big thing, to be happy. As a human tendency, we live in future, work for future or sometimes we get stuck with the past. As the Old movie song from 1965 says” aage bhi jaane na tu, peechhe bhi jaane na tu, jo bhi hai bas yehi ek pal hai”.

For me, happiness is not any special occasions but little moments celebrated as occasions. I am happy, when I see two small birds drinking water from the earthen pot kept in the garden outside my house. I am happy when a maid comes (obviously) and say “hello bhabhi” and after work when I offer her lunch and tea. I am happy when I drop my daughter to her school bus and other kids who are otherwise sitting dull, waives me with a smile. I am happy when our street dog, follows me back home and expects me to feed him with milk in return. I am happy when my dhobi learns to calculate his bill with my help and answer correctly. I am happy when my husband returns home tired from work and asks for dinner made by me. I am happy when my mom-in-law makes her famous kadi chawal just for me. I am happy when my sister-in-law calls me to share her life. I am overwhelmed when my home is filled with guests. haha !!

We can start cribbing at any point of time about anything anywhere, but hardly we realise that what is the need and what is the fun of the negativity we fill in ourselves. Even Science says, that we should be positive and happy to look good and happy.

So please, carve in small moments and find happiness in abundance. Just practice ‘Feel Good’ therapy and look good to rock your life.:)

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