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I want to ask Sophia, the Humanoid – What would be her religion?

While traveling from Jaipur to Pune, there was an airport layover in Delhi of about 3 hours (Intentionally mentioned the word ‘Airport’ so that the readers be made aware that I usually travel by air😊). As it was a month end, so somehow, I was just trying to put a control on my habit of impulsive shopping. So, just sat on an airport waiting chair and started watching TV. I don’t remember the name of the channel but am hundred percent sure it was not a TRP conscious channel.

The news that the channel was broadcasting was related to a Humanoid named Sophia. I won’t spend time in ‘enlighting’ the readers of Gallinukkad by providing technical aspects of Sophia but am more interested to highlight one of the non-technical aspects that she has been made a citizen of Saudi Arabia.

Anyways, my quest for more information took me to Youtube and I must admit that after going through the video, felt like that we all should start reading more of science and technology related news rather than subscribing to TRP conscious news channel.

Now, had I been a normal human being with a clear conscience….I would have thought and highlighted the positive aspects of this great invention. But… owing to a ‘SECULAR’ thought that crept and overpowered my “Angels’mind”…. here I am forced to write this article…Am not sure why?. Maybe due to my addiction to Indian news channels, which over a period of time has successfully conditioned my mind to think controversially or to find out negative aspect in any of the news or maybe as a budding writer, I want that more and more people should read my article (maybe learning from media that good thing hardly sell😄).

Coming back to that weird thought…… Well, the thought was would Sophia be a Muslim Robot or a Christian humanoid?

The humanoid was created by Hong Kong-based company Hanson Robotics, so naturally, she must be a Christian but the citizenship was granted by Saudi Arabia, which we all know is an Islamic country, so by that logic, she should be a Muslim. I wonder, if this news item was taken up by our news channel then am sure the breaking news would have been ” A Christian Humanoid converted to Muslim Humanoid”. Phew! Now that I have raked up this issue, I think its enough for most of us ( the religious conscious folks) to have a debate on social media.

While Hindus (These days you are identified by the religion and not by the deeds you do) like me would still be busy with history and outdated topics. Muslims and Christians brethren in India at least have something to cheer about, as they won’t have to dig into the past and have the reason to take their inter-religious battle to next level by involving Humanoid.😳

While we gear up to debate on the religious aspect, let me give a heads-up that already a controversy is brewing up as to why the humanoid has been given more rights than the women in a country like Saudi Arabia.

Another question that is lingering in my mind right now is what does Islam say about the new invention. Would Sophia be wearing “Hijab”?

It is worth mentioning that Sophia (who once told the audience in a separate event that she would destroy humans) addressed the audience in English without the customary headscarf and traditional cloak which Saudi women have to wear in public.

Guys!.. Please don’t focus on the sentence “she would destroy human beings”. Just concentrate only on one question ” What would be her religion?”

If we focus on the “destroy human beings”, we would end up by being a good citizen of India and this would be a tough job for us.Isn’t it???😊

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  1. Wow… What an article.. Beautifully conveyed your silent message.

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