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Stretch Marks?? Don’t bother coz every Tigress has it!

Hey, are you a would be mom?  Congratulations and welcome to the gang! Lots of chemical, biological, physical, emotional, hormonal changes going on, right?

And like any other pregnant woman, all you must be wondering these days must be ” How soon will I be able to come back to shape after delivery? Your looks, skin, hair everything will be same or ….??? and with experience, I can guess the most worriable reason has to be stretch marks. Is that so?  Nowadays, No doubt there are plenty of dermal creams and oils available in the market but what I found out was that the home remedies are the best solutions to avoid these.

Don’t worry, I am here today to help you with few tried and tested home remedies that are the best solutions to get your sexy tummy back.

First, a lot of oil treatments can be done, with pure oils easily available at home. Like Olive, oil massage is recommended to the new mother on stretch marks for 30 minutes before taking bath. Or the same can be added to vinegar and water further applied and kept overnight. Similarly, Vitamin E capsules can be extracted and applied with coconut oil. Even castor, avocado and almonds oils can be massaged in a circular motion and given heat water bag treatment for better absorption. Whichever oil suits you, use it. It helps.

Second, get an aloe vera plant at home and extract aloe vera gel directly from the plant and apply twice a day and wash off with lukewarm water each time. It really works!

Third, honey is something very easily available in each household. It has antiseptic properties that when applied with help of cloth and removed with water once dry, will definitely help to heal the stretch marks.

Fourth, egg whites can also apply to the affected area as they are rich in proteins. Once applied, it can be removed with cold water and then the skin can be moisture with olive oil for better results.

Fifth, rubbing mixture of sugar and lemon can be really helpful. Once applied can be removed with cold water. This can help stretch marks to fade over a months time.

Sixth, Turmeric and sandalwood mixture can also be applied for fading the stretch marks. It can be applied as a scrub that can come off as a mask once dry.

Seventh, very importantly, keep yourself hydrated. The new mother is suggested to have 12 glasses of water each day. Good hydration helps stretch marks to heal quickly.

I am sure you gonna benefit from these suggestions but just in case you don’t, just not be ashamed or feel bad about it coz believe me every tigress has it.

So, all the best for the super cute phase of life that you gonna enter.. just enjoy.

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