Style that off-shoulder top! 4

Off-shoulder tops or Bardot tops have taken over the apparel stores recently. From dresses to tops to jumpsuits, every retailer’s racks are filled with tons of off-shoulder outfits. Undoubtedly, they are exceptionally attractive and accentuate the collar bones but the same style doesn’t fit all. This is particularly true if you’re a curvy girl. So, I’m going to tell you exactly what you need to keep in mind when you go searching for your perfect off-shoulder top.

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Off-shoulder tops are actually pretty versatile – there’s one for everyone. I have always loved Bardot tops and I genuinely think they make you look very sexy, without being too in-your-face. I am rather petite, so it has been really easy for me to style them. Layered off-shoulder tops that enhance the bust area are perfect for skinny girls like me. They can be paired with fitted trousers or boyfriend jeans, depending on the look you want to go for. Ensure that one piece of the outfit is loose, while another is body-hugging as wearing two loose-fitting items simultaneously can make you look slightly shabby. A high bun and choker can instantly make you look like a royalty. Finally, an elegant pair of sandals and a handbag of your choice to go with will complete this look. And that’s it! You are all set to meet your friends over lunch.

If you are a busty girl, fret not! You too can experiment with such a neckline with confidence and look elegant. You should avoid layered off-shoulder tops as much as you can. If you are apprehensive about your fuller breasts, then you should go for a patterned off-shoulder top, it will create an illusion and keep the eyes moving.

Now that you have some guidelines, stock up some for yourself!

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Hey, what are you wearing? Is it Gucci or Versace? 95

Our criteria for which we test one’s civilisation is his/her look, from the dress you are wearing to the accessories you are carrying. Though we have travelled far away from our traditional dresses, yet still we are a slave to some kind of ‘look’ consciousness. Even today the first impression, someone leaves on us, is his/her appearance. We don’t mind getting buried in Gucci, Versace, Tommy, Louis Vuitton, Lavie, Burberry. Ladies notice all the brands even at a condolence( glares, handbag, dress, wedges). More the brands, more the popularity, more the respect. Isn’t it?

Girls are the angels, responsible for the survival of most of the brands. Their huge wardrobes are filled with all brands. In northern India, due to weather change, to maintain costume collection is very difficult. But they are talented enough to manage with few clothes, even in chilly January (poor girls). If they won’t dress up in this age, how will they make their future comfortable? (sorry, I didn’t want to hurt anyone). The dress, that has to wait long or forever for its turn again had reasonably cost about 5,000/-(what a use of money). When I was of this age, whenever my mom had saved  5000/-, she would make a plan to visit a goldsmith.

Boys are boys, simple, having at least three pairs of shades in the dashboard, suitable for each weather. Designer belts, designer shoes, customised undergarments(name embossed with embroidery). To say about clothes, no less than girls. Sandos, hoodies, slim fits, narrow fits, low waist and what not!! My mother used to embroider my father’s name initials on a handkerchief, that was her love and his fashion statement.

All fashion sites are well-visited and one can see a huge increase in delivery boys asking for an address on each corner of the city. Some are delivering on chota hatahis as well.

I remember, we used to get a new dress only on occasions, birthday, Diwali etc. No expense on show off and that’s how we have seen our parents too. No wastage of money just to have ‘Vakhra swag’.

Today, I really wonder how casual the youth is while spending their parent’s hard earned money. No, I am not talking about kids who are dropped to school in Audi and picked up in Merc. I am talking about middle-class kids who just to compete with ‘Audi’ class compel their parents to spend extra unnecessarily. Sometimes, the parents also do it to pamper and show their XL love to their kids.

But is it really necessary?

Is there any check to look into the wastage of money in the name of designers or brands.

Is this race endless, who is the winner?

Are we attracted to brands, or some attraction is left for character or loyalty?

Are our wardrobes flooding with useless apparels?

What we see in a person we meet for the first time?

Looks matter a lot, but give more value to the frame of mind. Don’t go broke trying to look COOL.

Ethnic love – Just look drop dead gorgeous!!! 31

I have a theory: every woman with her shape, size, color, height, whatever it might be, looks drop dead gorgeous in an ethnic wear.

My obsession with ethnic wear developed when I saw my mom wearing beautiful sarees for weddings, with nothing but two kadas and a bindi. A sight to behold. No wonder my dad fell for her. The point being, when you have that bindi on your head, and those jhumkas in your ears to go with your ethnic wear, it looks like someone in power, in control and ready to take on the world.

It was in my first year in college when I wore saree for the very first time, it was my mother’s saree, butter silk and black. Never have I ever felt a cloth that soft on my skin again. I was a nube then, didn’t know how to drape a saree or carry it, but I gave it the best I could. Carried it in the best way I could.

Somehow, with ethnic wear, be it a saree, a patiala suit, a salwar kamees, lehenga, anything there exists no discrimination of upper or lower. It is pretty in all its forms. now that I wonder about it, I think that because it is a part of our very culture maybe that is the reason why it suits our body so graciously, maybe that’s why an Indian bride looks best in her red lehenga/saree, maybe that’s how we as daughters develop a certain fondness for our mom’s sarees.

Variety in terms of ethnic wear is something that has actually been limited to women for a long period of time. This does indeed pose as a matter of injustice for their male counterparts. But fashion gurus, the genius that they are, have sought out new ways to resolve this problem.

Therefore, not getting too woman-centric here but I personally feel that a guy who is wearing a kurta-pyjama looks much elegant than a guy wearing casual-formals.  They give out the intellect vibe and I am all drooling on my knees when that happens and it’s not just about the traditional classic kurta-pyjama anymore, fashion for guys has evolved drastically in the last couple of years.

Not to forget how comfortable these attires are well…unless of course, you are going to a wedding, then it’s a major headache, carrying yourself well, taking that heavy attire of yours everytime you need to move, but then it’s always easier for the male part of the society. **sighs**