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The Copper Threads- Clothing for the hip woman on the go by a team of mothers and daughters!!

For a woman, the word ‘Fashion’ doesn’t just mean incredible style but it’s the inspiration; an inspiration to be herself or an inspiration to get a new avatar. With so many fashion enthusiasts around, it’s not difficult to find that inspiration online today.  Isn’t it?

Thanks to technology, apps like facebook, Insta, Pinterest, there are many self-proclaimed fashionistas who have launched the collection of their personal style online. But not all stand out from the pack. Only a few are blessed with the burning passion and one-of-a-kind sartorial sense.

If you’re ready to give your regular wardrobe a break, looking for a fresh upgrade this summer or have decided to put on something lighter, cool and awesomely girly; We bring you a team of passionate fashion adorers who are also mothers and daughters, thrilled to call themselves as….’The Copper Threads’!

We have handpicked some from their collection for you in the gallery. You must see their irresistible collection before you decide your next purchase.

After all, fashion is a staple of your personality and sometimes you can tell quite a lot of things about a person just by looking at how they are dressed.

We are on a mission to bring you quality clothing at affordable prices because we believe looking good doesn’t have to make your wallet cry.Copper Threads Team

Look good, feel good.

Happy shopping!


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