Sunday Diaries 109

Another week went away. Time flies and life goes on. There is something which keeps us all going. We look forward to a new day with a hope.

Is it inquisitiveness?

Is it desperation?

Is it urge for something new?

OR is it Dream??

Dreams which we see not while sleeping but with our eyes wide open. Dreams which keep us motivated to do better.

Every day we all have a small to-do list, which we wish to complete. A small step towards a bigger dream.

The dream might be anything.Materialistic gain or spiritual excellence. Achieving career goals or health agendas. Every day is lived for a dream.

The life goes on and we achieve few of our dreams and while walking the path slowly our dreams take a backseat and we start dreaming of our family and children. Their achievements become our priority and we start living for their dreams.

Somewhere we are still living for dreams but not ours!!

We are still working hard but not for achieving for ourselves!!

Have you ever imagined what happens when we stop dreaming for ourselves?

The heart craves for his own dream.He wants to get that adrenaline rush for a small feat of own!!

Yes, family and children are ours but we ourselves too need our attention!

All lovely people out there, take out Sunday for your dream!!

If the long-awaited promotion is due, strategize it and start working on it.

If you dream to go for a marathon, start your daily run from today.

If you wish to be more fit leave the Sunday burger lunch and grab a saucepan and surprise yourself.

If you wish to go to a place, plan it and set a tentative date and work hard to achieve it.

If you ever dreamt of learning any new skill, don’t wait for eternity, start now!!

Make a small start. Don’t dream only for parents, spouse, kids or even society.

Dream for yourself and achieve it.

Take a deep breath and dwell into your heart and sync your mind and explore YOUR  dream and start working on it. Believe me, you won’t get tired before you achieve it and the satisfaction, happiness, tranquillity of achievement will be beyond explanation.

So this leaf of Sunday diaries is for Dreams!!

Don’t stop dreaming….Don’t stop living!!!

Happy Sunday!!


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My Life… My Rules..!! But is Your Life Yours Alone? 695

It’s become quite a common line among most teenagers every time they were questioned or been advised on how they move with things in life. I have come across so many positive lines and articles that says your life is yours alone and no one will step up for it. It is only in your own hands that how you rule it.

These things are true, but what they mean is entirely different from the way it is used among the younger generations today. The way the trend is going, many like to say the famous line as “My life, my rules!” bluntly without thinking the consequences and the situation. Yes, our life is for us to live but we must not forget that our life is linked with many others living around us. People who care for us and who love us.

Every time I hear someone tell me it’s their life and they like to do things as however they want, it makes me feel sad because people just don’t know what life is all about.

Do you still think your life is yours alone? Here are a few reasons that explain why it is not-

1. Your life matters to your family

The moment you were born you become a part of someone’s life. Your parents and people who may love you. As you grow older there are lot many others who walk in your life. Some stay and some move on. But is your life alone? No! Your life is linked to many others who love to see you happy. We need to give something to get what we need.

When people decide to take off their life, they do not realize that they do not actually have the complete rights to do that. Because they fail to understand that it is easy for the person who dies, but it is difficult for the person who lives knowing that the one person who he or she loved most is not there with them anymore. So, I strongly deny that your life is not yours alone.

2. We live in a community

A person who tells you that he or she does not care about what the society thinks is the first person who is usually lying. People say that to convince themselves that they do not care, in truth they actually care. It is a reverse mechanism. When you are faced with rejection or some kind of negative responses to something or by someone, immediately many try to think that they do not care. Every human craves for recognition and to be identified for their potential. Instead of showing ignorance, it’s better to face criticism in a constructive way, After all, it is the same society which is going to give you all the things that you desire to be happy. Your existence is linked with the society you live in.

3. Following rules may help sometime

Agreed that some rules are baseless, but many are useful for us. Some rules are made for our own safety and protection. Most often the younger generation becomes agitated when they are restricted to many things. The first thing what we need to recognize is anything too much is not good. It is not the problem of having rules instead it is the problem of not knowing how to deal with them.

4. It is selfish

When someone says it’s my lifestyle, do not meddle, it sounds too prude and selfish to me. There are some people who try to be an unnecessary part of our lives when we are not interested. Some are even toxic. However, there are different ways to make sure that you keep such people at bay. But the way people go on with a rant of “My life! My rules” seems totally a selfish attitude. Sometimes it is also an escapism of laziness in order to avoid taking responsibilities.

We, humans, are social creatures and we need interactions with other people around us whether we like it or not, to survive. We may choose not to care but there are people who care for us more than we like to acknowledge. Hence, do not ever forget that your life is not yours alone. Sometimes we live by rules made by someone else just to keep the people we love happy even though it may not be something we wanted. Trust me, the result will always keep us happy in the end too. Life is to share and live together and care for one another. Embrace it, Enjoy it and Love it with everyone else in it.


Daughter’s Day Special: Enjoy this song to feel what she wants to say to you! 1127

This Daughter’s Day, Gallinukkad appeals to each parent of a daughter that now is time to change your mindset so that your daughters are raised rightly. Don’t suppress your daughter’s freedom, let her raise voice against any wrong happening to her physically and emotionally, make her career conscious and financially independent, hear and respect her opinions; don’t set boundaries for her, let her decide for herself. If you stand for her today, she will stand for herself and her daughter tomorrow.

And to the parents of a son, It’s time to teach your boys that even she is a complete individual, not just the other half.

Enjoy this beautiful song to feel what she wants to say to you!

Happy Daughter’s Day to all!