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It’s vacation time. In today’s sense, it’s checking out time. Everyone is checking out into some destination and social media is flooded with pictures.

All fun, happy faces devoid of stress. Lovely destinations as well as awesome food. It’s nice to see people and destination but what for those who are not camera savvy or have not gone to destination vacation?

Yes, there is still the whole generation who is not comfortable in sharing vacation details or have not become a pro in selfie clicking.(Ahem, I am a selfie lover but my partner!!)

The whole point is that are we taking the likes and comments as criteria of having a successful holiday. Isn’t it?

We used to click photographs earlier too and the albums used to be a cherished collection of moments, but we never shared it with every Tom Dick and Harry.

I received a message on WhatsApp from a friend who checked in at an airport day before yesterday…..”Still not out for holidays?”

I am on my holidays!

Oops!! Forgot to share pictures as we siblings were meeting after a long time and were busy having a great time with each other. Not pictured but, enjoyed!!

We all will agree, that every social media friend is not our friend, they are of different categories. Friends, friends of friends, acquaintance, relatives, colleagues, neighbors, and few who are necessary due to any xyz reason and unfortunately if you are not tech savvy and your privacy settings are not up to the mark you might have few who are prying onto you!

Why do we want to share our moments with them? Is there a social media pressure aka peer pressure to show off your happiness? A relationship if not approved by the like, love, flourishing, wow…is not flourishing?

No! Relationships are to be cherished and yes, sharing is just sharing keeping cyber security in mind.

This is a personal choice I agree. So sharing or no sharing…. don’t forget to enjoy. The like, love, and wow should be our own for our moments.

So make your Sunday diaries of memories, whether you share or not it’s your choice!!


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