Sunday Diaries 76

It’s vacation time. In today’s sense, it’s checking out time. Everyone is checking out into some destination and social media is flooded with pictures.

All fun, happy faces devoid of stress. Lovely destinations as well as awesome food. It’s nice to see people and destination but what for those who are not camera savvy or have not gone to destination vacation?

Yes, there is still the whole generation who is not comfortable in sharing vacation details or have not become a pro in selfie clicking.(Ahem, I am a selfie lover but my partner!!)

The whole point is that are we taking the likes and comments as criteria of having a successful holiday. Isn’t it?

We used to click photographs earlier too and the albums used to be a cherished collection of moments, but we never shared it with every Tom Dick and Harry.

I received a message on WhatsApp from a friend who checked in at an airport day before yesterday…..”Still not out for holidays?”

I am on my holidays!

Oops!! Forgot to share pictures as we siblings were meeting after a long time and were busy having a great time with each other. Not pictured but, enjoyed!!

We all will agree, that every social media friend is not our friend, they are of different categories. Friends, friends of friends, acquaintance, relatives, colleagues, neighbors, and few who are necessary due to any xyz reason and unfortunately if you are not tech savvy and your privacy settings are not up to the mark you might have few who are prying onto you!

Why do we want to share our moments with them? Is there a social media pressure aka peer pressure to show off your happiness? A relationship if not approved by the like, love, flourishing, wow…is not flourishing?

No! Relationships are to be cherished and yes, sharing is just sharing keeping cyber security in mind.

This is a personal choice I agree. So sharing or no sharing…. don’t forget to enjoy. The like, love, and wow should be our own for our moments.

So make your Sunday diaries of memories, whether you share or not it’s your choice!!


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Love can take a wrong turn- #shutthephoneup! 426

Making videos is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second! Isn’t it??

And our smartphones has made it a child’s play. It is convenient than ever before to shoot every minute of your life and hang on to those memories a little longer. Let’s accept the fact that today life is unthinkable without a selfie, videos, and pics, but mind you guys it has it’s darker side too.

And we really need to be careful with what we store on our mobile phones.

This video is for all those who are in a habit of storing each moment of their lives on their phone….even the intimate ones.

Dear people, Why to make your life hell for that little fun? Why cause a lifelong embarrassment or distress for yourself? Your intimate moments are only for you to enjoy during those moments only. There is no need to make others enjoy them too later on.

No matter how secure you keep your phone there’s always a risk of someone else getting their hands on them. The malicious leaks often carry burdens of shame for the victim – who isn’t the person in the wrong.

Be careful!

Watch this excellent video by Manforce and….you know yourself!



Dear customer care people, I don’t have a whole day just to listen to you! 294

I am sure most of us get angry just with the mention of the word customer care especially the outbound calls that are made to sell products and offers. Of course, there are some good people in it, but many of them are inexperienced and some who might have caused a kind of pain or an irritation. In a day I get so many calls that it feels like I carry a mobile phone just to listen to all offers of all the products in this world. If your mind is gearing up to suggesting me that I should activate the service that blocks the tele-calling services, then I cannot. I have given my number in my daughter school who sends me SMS information. Because of which I cannot activate the blocking service. Hence I and my mobile are both vulnerable.

Talking about the customer care, as angry as we feel, I feel sad for that voice behind the phone who try to sell me something desperately, because many times they end up being scolded, trashed or even the phone being hanged on their face. I agree these calls can be truly annoying but imagine without the world of advertising and tele-calling, could we ever come to know about the various offers, new products in the market, discounts and sales etc. Of course, there are various other means of advertising but hey, it’s like someone directly calling you to inform you when you are totally unaware of so many deals on your favorite things that you wanted to buy.
However, the customer care executives can work on some techniques in the way they talk to a customer and do not end up making the people even more annoyed. Here are some tips based on my personal experience.

1. There is a time for everything

Yes! Just like everyone, your work timings also starts from 9. But for many others, it is not the time to receive calls from a tele-calling service who is trying to suggest about what they need to buy and why. As it is peak hours of commuting to work between 7 AM to 9 AM people do not prefer talking on the phone unless you are the person’s girlfriend or boyfriend. Timing your calls depending on the kind of customer you are calling is the best way to find some sales. My suggestion, keep your mornings for paper works and start calls way after the lunch break.

2. Be polite and quick

Your customers are your God because in the end of the day they are the one who will show an increase in the number of sales made for the day list or even to have a positive customer. You may come across different kind of people and some of them may be downright rude to you. Do not lose your cool and speak to them rude as well. You may not know in what situation you called the customer or if it was a wrong time. Hence always talk politely and wait for the customer to talk. If he or she do not want to talk at that moment, don’t force. Because it is obvious you are not going to make any sale. Instead, ask for a time as when you could call back.

3. Know your product well

Recently, I got a call from a girl who wanted to tell me about an offer that my mobile service was giving to its customers. The offer had some hidden charges and I found it meaningless. Hence I asked few questions, which the girl found it very difficult to answer. I told her to check with the details and call me back. Not every customer will be polite and will ask you to call back mind you. It is important to know every single detail of your product before you go and tell people to buy the product. Even details of its flaws.

4. Remember your potential customer names

When you talk to people, you will be able to judge, that who might be a positive customer and it is important to remember their names. Talking to a person addressing their names builds closeness and trust, rather than ‘Sir’ or ‘Madam’. Well, we have all the technology to note down the names and remind you later, isn’t it? If you your customer asked you to call back or if you promise to call back with any information, do not forget to call back.

5. Be clear in your speech

A few days back, an executive called me to explain me about an online coaching class for my daughter. Most customer care executives are well trained with English accents. This guy was so proud, that without stopping even once, he went on talking like a bullet train. He did not care if I was listening or if I am understanding. That irritated me. In the end, when he stopped, I told him to ask someone else to call me and explain again and I cut the call. I plainly lost interest in the course, simply because of this customer care executive. The language in which you talk is important when you talk the one which your customer can understand. Also be slow and precise allowing the customer to think and grasp about what you are talking. But do not ever lie to your customers just to find a sale.

Life is a business and we all sell and buy something or the other. We all trade to live and to be happy. Let’s give a chance to that someone who wants to tell something and to that someone who might or might not be interested in knowing more.