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It’s always fun to interact with so many lovely people and get different opinions about, life! So decided to share my Sunday Diaries with you all.

Different we all may be but then there are some talking points where we all agree or at least share the same vibes and interest. Isn’t it?? Summer vacation is one such topic which gives a common platform to all with a big nostalgic smile and sparkle in eyes! Chutti ke din !

Yes, we too had Summer vacations which were waited for the whole year. Results out and we used to get holidays, unlike today’s scenario where new session begins and kids get a lot of, seriously a lot of homework! We were lucky, bit ignorant too but we had a wonderful Childhood.Being ignorant was not by choice, but the world was devoid of the word,”Net connectivity”.

Yes, we had seen postman and visited post office too!! Postman, I guess now a day is limited to study of community helper section of EVS books. But we had a pretty good rapport with humans, he was the one who bought letters. Handwritten letters from loved ones!! Selection letter of colleges and jobs, marriage cards and used to be the first person to share a good or bad news!

What days!

We had a lot of problems too. Electricity was an issue. It still is after 25 years of progress but now we have the hefty amount paid backups in our societies.

Education was not this modern. We were ignorant of IT subject. ( Income Tax was known though, you see corruption was there!!!) We had to listen to our parents, unlike now, we never had an option. We could never refuse vegetable cooked in dinner, leave alone what they decided for our lives!

Options were less in all the aspect of life. Subjects, career choices, social connections but LIFE was there. We had limited subjects but connect with the teacher was strong. We had a genuine immense respect for them and we all have one teacher whom we want to meet desperately if not yet met!! Career choices were less, which has taken a huge leap now. Yes, this is one thing I am extremely happy about. This generation is blessed to have parents who are cool about the fact that child wants to pursue music or writing or for that matter wants to be hair stylist!!
( Just for a second close your eyes n think what your parent’s reaction would have been if you had said any of these. My mom still doesn’t approve any male Kathak dancer!!)

But khatta meetha how so ever, we miss that time.
We didn’t have cartoon channel but that one hour Sunday Mickey Mouse was to die for.
We didn’t have social connections but we were social and didn’t need a call before visiting neighbors or friends.
We didn’t have Facebook but we all had that best friend who could read us like a book.
Yes, we didn’t have extravaganza on holidays but we had Summer holiday full of the pampering of grandparents and extended families.

The cherry on the cake was long carefree playtime with friends! We had fun games, to be played not by thumbs only. Hopscotch, gallery, ice n water, hide n seek n eternal Chor police!! Indoor games of carom, monopoly, snakes n ladders,n so many of those paper chit games.

We had the innocence of Childhood!! I won’t say nowadays kids are not innocent but the overall change in society has somehow robbed the Childhood with its pure fun. We expect them to learn in every activity and keep their life so engaged and planned that they don’t get a chance to get bored and use creativity to look beyond their parent inculcated hobbies and screen generated game fixation.

Childhood is still same, somewhere we as parents have changed. We feel that we didn’t get so much exposure in our times, let my child use these. Summer vacation seems to be an extra time out of busy school schedule but we forget, this extra time is for making extra memories.

Give them that nothing doing, no timetable ease.
Let them get the urge of self-inspection and come up with ideas.
Let them go to granny’s and ask for stories.
Let them search for those paint brushes.
Let them go out and call out their friends and spend some afternoon in parks and galleries of society.
Let them indulge in role play. Even if Iron man is rescuing Cinderella! ( Why Cinderella has to be rescued??That some other Sunday.)

In nutshell let them have a taste of a little bit of our childhood.

बचपन को खोलो ज़रा
स्करीन चार्जर के तारों मे ऊलझी है
इसे झकझोरो ज़रा
उड़ने दो
धूप मे ज़रा झुलसने दो
सोना है
बस निखरेगा
पिघलेगा नहीं
मिट्टी मे घर बनाने दो
पार्क के झूलो पर कभी कभी लड भी जाने दो
दोस्तों से रूठना मनाना करने दो
अपने सखा की खुद पेहचान करने दो
बूढ़ी आँखों से देखने दो
उन्हे गुजरा वकत्
दादी नानी के साथ
एक रात गुजारने दो
भरने दो उडान सोच को
सूरज मे पीला
आसमान मे नीला
मत बांधो इनको
इन्द्रधनुश के रंग बिखरेंगे
ये बचपन है जनाब
बंधन मे नहीं खुले आसमान मे निखरेंगे
बचपन को खोलो ज़रा
ये दिन फिर नहीं लौटेंगे!

Hope you all enjoyed this Sunday coffee read. Any questions query or discussion on Life is welcome from reader’s. As this diary is an interaction between You and me. Keep flowing the comments.

Happy Sunday!!!

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