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Sunshine Vitamin- Vitamin D

Vitamin D, a sun and sunshine vitamin is a vitamin that is not readily available in your food source. Vitamin D is produced when skin gets exposure to sunlight.

Why is it needed?

  • Vitamin D is needed for stronger bones. It helps the body to absorb calcium present in food.
  • It protects us against the risk of both type 1 and type 2 Diabetes.
  • It also protects us from many types of cancer.

It is required by children to protect them against rickets and for having stronger bones and in adults, it is required to prevent brittle bones to avoid frequent fractures.

In the colder regions where the sun or a sunny day is considered as “Good day”, various diseases are found. The research have proven the link of these diseases to the deficiency of Vitamin D. One such disease is Multiple Sclerosis.

Have you observed that how you suffered from mood swings or feel blue on cloudy days? Many of us have this feeling of not doing anything or feeling sad when there is no sun. Ever wondered  why?  The good mood and sun too are directly related to each other.

Yes, vitamin D helps keep depression at bay.

It also helps in shedding extra calories. If you are suffering from obesity, check your levels of vitamin D. There are chances that you might be having the deficiency of the sunshine vitamin.

Sources of vitamin D

  • Sunlight is a primary source of this vitamin.
  • Fish like swordfish, salmon and mackerel are the rich source of the vitamin D.
  • There is small amount of vitamin D present in Sardines and Tuna fish too.
  • Egg yolk and beef liver do serve as small source of vitamin D
  • in the vegan diet, Vitamin D is present only in fortified foods like cereals and milk.

So if you have

  • Strict Vegan diet
  • Darker skin tone
  • less exposure to sunlight

Then try to add supplements of vitamin D to your diet to avoid serious health problems.

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