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Super smart and super techie teens of today!!

From the time, I held my newly born twins in my arms for the first time, like every mother I too desired to see them blooming. They have been my priority all these years. Now that they have entered teenage, I see dire changes in their behavior that I thought worth sharing with all fellow mothers to teenagers.

Suddenly they have ringed in the habit of being conscious about their looks, can be easily found in front of the mirror, fixing their hair or pulling their T-shirts, or fixing the height of their rugged jeans and so on. And if in case they are going to attend some party, then these attention seekers behave as aliens with experimenting looks.

Online shopping has a different version for me as my children nowadays can look for every possible shopping site. This is their favorite pastime. On checking the app section of my son’s mobile phone, I had astonishing discoveries, like he already has following 4000+ pages on FB, Instagram, snap chat, has each shopping app with numerous searches in all categories of numerous brands. But it is 2017, so If I tell him to go and buy a detergent, in few minutes  I find it in the recently searched column. Super lazy and super techie teens! I must say. 😉


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I think teenage accompanies the symptoms of roaming. Boys are a special case….the distance of 5mins will be travelled in 2 hrs. I think he is not less than King Khan or Mr. Big B, as where ever he goes, it results in roadblock and traffic jams! Girls are no less these days, going to attend an extra class means going for a ride on scooty after extra classes, just to see that if all is well in town or not!

Reading or studying becomes less interesting and the washroom becomes the best hideout. Study time and nap time becomes snacks time because I too believe that they are growing and so their hunger pangs frequently. They will bring tiffin leftover back home as they had lost their appetite, but at home their stomach is like well, that needs to be filled every half an hour and with snacks of their choice, otherwise they’ll look at me as if I am never there for them.

And there comes a sarcastic dialogue with a contorted face,” Leave it, I will manage”.  On asking about their academic status of the school, the phlegmatic voices will confidently make you believe that all is very well!

Hey, it’s 2017, how can we forget selfies? The day starts and ends making pouts, makes me feel that they are more like ducklings than humans. Selfies in the gym, while shopping, while driving and at any time is a ritual every second. Girls show symptoms of this ailment more. 😉

But the infamous hormones that are responsible for this chaos do not affect the child as much as they affect the parents of the teenager. Right?

While the father turns into a behavioural reformist, implementing discipline;  mother takes up the role of a spy and a secret agent, all I can advice is ….RELAX! It is perfectly normal. Just be friendly and take it easy as they will grow up and handle their lives with care for sure. Soon may be!


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