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Take a break, it’s Chai Time!

Chai time is family time, Chai time is me time, Chai time is chat time, Chai time is relax time and so on…..

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that tea is one of the best mediums to ooze out entire stress for all age groups- from tired Dads to exhausted moms, from stressed out college goers to nervous interview candidates, from guests at home to grandpas and grandmas, from you to me…..Chai is all time rescuer.

So, thought of putting an honest effort to bring some fun into all chai lovers by listing few flavors to brew up the cold winter. Why to keep on having same ‘adrak wali chai’ daily, when there are so many flavors to relish? Here it goes-

1. Chamomile Tea

Derived from the chamomile flower, it is known for its anti-aging effect, has vital antioxidants, helps to curb down stress, anxiety and insomnia. What more you can ask for? So, get beautiful with a cup of tea!

2. Green Tea

With most of the celebrities promoting it, this tea needs no introduction. First brewed in 2737 BC, the tea has gained accolades from corporates, models, and health conscious people. It is indeed extremely useful for those who are looking to cut down their weight and get a flatter tummy. As it increases the body’s metabolism, resulting in melting the fat, dream of getting an hour-glass shaped body becomes reality. Invest in this tea; you will not regret it!

3. Tulsi Tea

Well, the health benefits of holy Basil/Tulsi is unhidden. Tulsi has been used since ages to cure various health issues. Be it cold, cough or stomach ache, just add few leaves of Tulsi to your brewing tea and see the magic happen!You also have plenty of Tulsi tea options available in the market. Just go for it and get better immunity and a healthy life.

4. Kashmiri Kahwa Tea

The very famous Kahwa tea from Kashmir has many more fans than SRK, across the globe.  But believe me, this tea is a  blend of green tea with saffron, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom – a perfect amalgamation of health and flavour! The taste of this tea cannot be put in words; you need to sip it hot to experience it. So, what are you waiting for?

5. Darjeeling Tea

When it comes to black tea, you cannot miss Darjeeling Tea. It is also known as the ‘champagne of teas’ because of its mesmerising taste and golden colour. This tea is cultivated in Darjeeling but is very popular amongst the tea lovers who are spread across the globe.

As winter has come in, it’s time for you to snuggle yourself in the blanket with a hot cup of tea. Enjoy this season with any of the above flavours and experience the tea in a never before form. Don’t forget to tell me your favourite one!

Happy Sipping!!!

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