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Talking to your own self- It is really normal

Have you seen people talking to themselves? Do you think they are crazy? If YES, this is an article is meant for you because you are surely missing something important in life.

The other day, I was sitting and reading a book, when I noticed my six-year-old daughter, talking to herself, kind of role playing in a sound of whispers. This took me back to my childhood, when I used to lay down, free mindedly, hold my toys near me, played with their stories in my mind, say their role play in a whisper and would become story writer and screen player of some new adventurous story link ups with one another.

Yes, it happens with each one of us, but as we progress if life, these self-explanatory and self-demonstrative self-talks vanishes somewhere. We are so engrossed in our lives, that we hardly get time for our own self.

But believe me, this self-talking is a therapy and has its own benefits:

Take time out to smell flowers

You can take few minutes before going to bed or in the afternoon or may early morning but you should definitely reset your daily routine.  Take time out for yourself to smell flowers that are within yourself. You can be successful, you might have travelled the whole world, you might be a rich and popular also super busy but when you will spend time with yourself, you will understand your pleasures are as simple as smelling flowers.

Time to revisit your childhood

After all, you can connect with your famous toys fables and stories and can relate to your life ahead. It can be like having childhood fun times back. Try making stories about things near you, try humming your favourite song, try figuring out faces from clouds. The things you did as a child will flourish new happiness in you.

Say worries bye bye

We are so pressurised all day, phones, emails, bills, fees, passwords, competition, status, money, future and what not. So by taking time out for yourself, you can tell your worries goodbye, for a while. Try putting your smartphone on Airplane mode for one hour!

Talking to yourself aloud- helps you get all answers

Yes, it is tried and tested, whenever you are in problem, go on a walk with yourself or sing your favourite song aloud, then say your problems aloud, your heart and mind will give you answers aloud. In case you feel like crying or laughing do it without hesitation and that too loud. Bet me, not only you will get solutions and clarity of mind but also much more confidence to face situations

PagalPanti bhi zaroori hai

In case you find it immature, remember it is good to be childish sometimes. Your life is a one-time journey, make full out of it. When you will talk to yourself, people may remark you as ” Pagal ho kya”. Don’t worry. They do not know, how important this is. Wink !

Very economical

I have seen different people going for meditation on hills, in special camps, visiting holy places for inner peace or actually spending a lot of money to find a lot of answers to their problems. But this is best and economical way, though. Try it.

Remember, it is you who knows best in you, so give yourself a chance to prove it.

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