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Technology taking over childhood

All around us we can see who is ruling the world these days. Most of us will agree that it’s not us who owns a gadget but nowadays gadgets have learnt to tame us so well and our mastering our lives now.

Even our children and otherwise vibrant youth are in the grip of technology and all in the wrong way.

Many of us have raised our concern about this issue from time to time but what we have not discussed so far is the root cause of this issue, which of course has long-term effects on the growth of our children and their mindset. Along with these gadgets, there are other monsters in the form of social media app which have also taken all the innocence of our children. They are getting matured before their age.

Now even the children of the age group of 10/12 years have their own Facebook and Instagram account. They are pretty active on what’s app too and can be seen on what’s app till late at night.

I stood aghast when a mother of a four-year-old child told me that her daughter needs 15 minutes on iPad, after waking up in the morning, to come out of bed. Most of the time children are put in the front of TV to gulp down their food. They are given tabs/smartphones during journeys.Remember, what we used to do on the journey? I remember who were my pals of the journey- Diamond comics, phantom, Nandan, reader digest and many other books. Children these days are far from these. Even if they are reading they are offered kindle.

Now outdoor activities are limited to one-hour training of any sports class if the child is enrolled in the one. Most of the evenings are spent with the gadgets or at least till children are pushed out by parents.

The root cause of this problem, in my view, is:
• Nuclear Family
• Less active socially and more active on social media
• Parenting style

Most of us were raised in the joint family set up so we were always surrounded by our loved ones when we wanted any help or if we wanted to share anything. We always have our cousins as our first friends so we were never out of the options of whom to play with. Nowadays not only the nuclear family is in trend but also the size of the family has reduced or the age difference between the kids is so much that they can not, most of the time, relate to each other. And if both the parents are working then, in this case, a child does not have many options and feels safe and comfortable when surrounded by friends online.

When both the parents are active on social media more and have a less social network outside the social media then children are more likely to follow this trend.We should restrict ourselves first before preaching it to our children. When we will spend our time with family, talking to them and spending quality time with each other then children can surely be kept away from the gadgets. For a better tomorrow take a leave from all social networks and gadgets at least on weekends. It will recharge you as well. Challenge yourself to stay away from your smartphones and other gadgets on weekends.

Now, last but not the least, parenting style to be blamed if our children are not listening to us. I hope you all will agree to this. Parents can be liberal but their involvement in child’s life is very important and it cannot be replaced with any gadget. Even if you can’t restrict their social media usage, they should be taught about the pros and cons of using the social media. With proper knowledge and education about it, the dangerous side effects of these social media networks can be avoided.

With our efforts, our children can have a better tomorrow. Let’s raise our children with responsibility.

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