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Teenage-Journey of discovering You!

Confused, Excited, Curious, Sensitive, Emotional, Rebellious all this and a lot more with every feelings’ intensity to the power of 10 is what emotions of a teenager are like. Do you remember your time?

As I write this, nostalgia envelopes me and that too quite strongly. As a teenager, I used to believe that the world is only around my little space, my school, my friends, my cousins, my looks and everything that was related to me, just that parents then did not top the list.

As a teenager I was much more reckless, carefree and believed that almost nothing is impossible, the worldly worries were not there to pull me down. Also, it was so important to talk to friends for long hours, communication was the key. From heartaches to headaches everything had to be shared there was no way it was not communicated to BFF.

I still remember, how furious my mother used to be when it was only 30 minutes of me returning from school and the landline used to ring and my BFF was on the line. We always had so much to share, it was like we could talk non-stop the entire life but it was only then, today we do not call each other for 4-5 months and life is fine. Alas!

Unfortunately, parents take a backseat(comparatively even last benchers have a better chance of being noticed) in the life of a teenager. In our times’ parents were not as communicative and sharing as that of today. They tried their best to give us every support for good education but the generation gap was really huge between a teenager and parents then. This relationship although was a very important aspect of my personality development and am sure of yours too as a teenager. I was rebellious Yes!  but at the same time, I used to cry silently to not let mom and dad know of a fight with BFF or any such trivial thing as I did not wish to worry them.

But, I guess we will all agree that handling those little problems all by ourselves back then built a very strong foundation of our personality today. Teenage is a journey of self-discovery, a journey where you laugh, cry, share, abandon and get to know the real you. It also gives you friends for life, a few scars too, a different relationship with parents(in later stages of being a teenager this relationship matures) and many many lessons(good and bad) to move ahead in life.

As soon as your teenage ends you regret it, I really loved being a teenager, because it is like a golden era of life that has now ended. Teenage gives new wings to your dreams and new dimensions to your personality.

Oh! How I wish to be Teenager again.

Nostalgic? Share your memories of teenage in the comments below.

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  1. Shweta

    I think this is the age when our true ‘khurafaati dimaag’ blossoms at its best… Remember so many adventures/’kaands’ with besties… that together made up for the most memorable moments of life

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