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Thank you MOM!!

There is always a dimple on my face when someone says “I am a mirror image of my mother”. For me, that’s the bestest compliment that I ever get. I really feel blessed as my world revolves around my selfless mother.

Dear readers, I know we all are blessed with this beautiful relationship in our lives whom we call ‘Mother’ but I would like to take this opportunity on this special occasion to introduce the most powerful woman in my life.

My dear Mom, you are not just a housewife. You are much more than that. Now, let me remind you who you really are.

“Sublime” Cook

I still remember when I was in school, my friends and I desperately waited for Lunch time. Unlike everyone else, I used to get my lunch box 5 mins before the lunch time. The special woman in my life made sure that I always had the “hot meal”. I never carried my lunch box with me in the morning. She always cooked a lot of food so that my friends could also enjoy the yummiest food. The love dipped “hot-meal” made me super famous in school. Mom, Let me tell you there is magic in your hands. You are really the world’s best cook.

My inspiration

My mother is my inspiration. I’ve learnt the art of writing from her. I love the way she pens down every emotion, every thought and the journey of life. She never desired of getting anything published but I know the day she will get them published she will realize her writings are worth it.

An Artist

I wish you start painting again. The phenomenal touch of yours made the painting come alive. You seldom made any painting after marriage but the masterpieces that you have made are really beautiful.

The Performer

How can I pretermit the golden days of my life when my mother and I used to dance together? The classical dancer in you inspired me to be the one too. I wish to live those moments again.

An Awesome Vocalist

The nightingale of our house, my mother. Every night you used to croon and made us sleep peacefully. Your soothing voice is a blessing. Trust me mom, whenever I try my hand on singing, the only person I recall is you. Because of you, I developed the habit of listening to the old melodies. “yahi who jagah hai” topped the charts. I wish you realize that singer in you is missing you.

So apart from being the best wife, mother, daughter, daughter in law, sister, I just want to remind you mom, you are an amazing human being.  I know with age you and papa are flooded with responsibilities but I want you to live your passion again. You are worth all the happiness and nothing makes me prouder than hearing “ You are just like your mom”.

Thank you for being there always.

Thank you for making my life better.

Thank you for helping me in living my dreams.

Thank you for holding me when am low.

Thank you for all the love you show.

Thank you for teaching me the right things

Thank you for giving me wings.

Thank you for understanding my feelings.

Thank you for all the healings.

Thank you for making me strong.

Thank you for correcting me when am wrong.

Thank you for every little thing you do.

Thank you for loving me and remember I love you too.

I dedicate this piece of writing to all lovely mothers because I know that this is what each one of us wants to say to our mothers today and always.


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  1. Shobhika John

    This is what mother is.

  2. Arshima Khan

    Superb article.. So well described ..thts how mom is

  3. Ritika Bholowalia Sharma

    Loved ur article..

  4. Mohd Sadique

    Great article… Your writing is beautiful.

  5. Wow… What a great way to express love for your mom.. May GOD bless her..!!!!

  6. Anshu Ghodawat

    You write so beautifully and described so amazingly !!

  7. Bhargav sidda

    That’s a stylish touch of artistic thoughts and imaginative pendown.
    Absolutely straight from daughter’s heart!!
    I’ve always read and heard mother’s love for kids but this is
    One of the best I’ve read on daughter’s love for her mom!!

    Vivid thoughts!! Great going … 👍

    Happy Mother’s Day aunty and to every mom !!

  8. Medha Chanana

    Very well expressed .. loved every bit of it 🙂 mothers are always special 🙂

  9. Shweta

    This is why i love your writings… Straight from the heart <3

  10. Priyanka Vijay

    Mother Love ❤

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