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Thanking The Women Who Help Us Every day

Today, the 8th March is celebrated as International Women’s Day and I thought what can be the best day to thank those women who had always been there for us. No! This is not yet another article who made it big and made a name all around the Globe. We have already read about all the things we can know about the powerful ladies who are a great inspiration such as Michele Obama, Kalpana Chawla, Kiran Majumdar Shaw, Sudha Murthy, etc. Yes! They all are a true inspiration however, there is someone else totally ordinary in our daily lives who make life much easier for us. Someone ordinary without whom our life can be harder on a daily basis.

I request you all, to join me in thanking these women and give some credit to their part in our lives.

1. Our Domestic help

Is it safe to say that our day is down the pit if our “Bai” took a day off? Informed or uninformed. Most of us are totally dependent on our domestic help who makes it easy for us to manage the household work. These women deserve a big thanks for making our work easier, don’t they?

2. Cooks

Having less time when you have to juggle between the corporate world and the family life makes it extremely difficult to make time for cooking sometimes. Trust me! Cooking delicious food with a various menu for every meal is much time and energy consuming task and it is not everyone’s cup of tea. This is where the wonder woman in the form of a cook helps us by preparing all those yummy recipes.

3. Play-home teachers, nannies

Some of my friends visibly take relief when they drop their babies in the efficient hands of the play home teachers and nannies. Aren’t they somehow contributing to our free time and giving us some breathing time?

4. Stay home nannies

Getting married and having children is an inevitable part of our life and it should happen in the right age. However, that age is also when we are trying to make a mark in our career. You cannot give up on either part of the life. The stay at home nannies who help us 24/7 are more than just a nanny. They become a family member. Ms. Maitri Debroy who works as a Clinical Programmer in a software company says “ Without my Githa Di it is impossible for me to survive or to reach where I am today. She had been a backbone to me in everything. She is no less than a mother or a sister to me and we absolutely love her just like a family member”. Don’t these kinds of a woman deserve a note of appreciation?

5. Women in public services

There are plenty other services where we find women helping us. A waitress, a nurse, an air hostess, a receptionist, a medical assistant, child and women care provider, old age and patients care taker and much more. All these women help us in some way or the other making our lives and day easier.

Let’s take a minute to thank every one of them. Ladies you rock!!! You make our world much brighter.

Happy Women’s Day to all!!

(Note: This article is about those exceptional women who take their work seriously and have contributed with all their passion and love towards what they do.)

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