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#MeToo campaign: Any woman left who has not faced any kind of abuse in her life?

The Internet and social media are seeing more and more posts of the “Me Too” campaign that was started by the Hollywood actress Alyssa Milano after the charges on movie producer Harvey Weinstein for sexual assault. Many actresses came forward talking about their own experiences with the producer.

When Twitter got busier with the hashtag that said “#Me too” many women took it to social media to share their experiences to bring the sexual assault or any kind of abuse women usually face. Not just by this producer, but all over the world from all kind of men in various professions. An abuser see’s no gender, cares no profession. Because there are men opening up their horrifying experiences of assault on the social media like Facebook and Twitter.

What makes me feel sad that is there any single woman left who might not have faced any kind of abuse in her life? Physical or verbal? I doubt if there is anyone, or even there is someone the percentage is too less. Be it she is in any profession, women are abused sexually, physically and verbally. From celebrities to noncelebrities every one has faced some kind of an assault. What makes it women an easy prey?

Even the comedian Mallika Dua also shared her experience when she was just 7 years old and the man was beaten up later by her father. However, there are plenty of women who faced such assault repeatedly and yet the men who assaulted walk free without any punishment.

This campaign was started to know the magnitude of women facing sexual assault all over the world and the way everyone’s status is being updated as “Me too” shows that actions against these crimes are very much needed immediately and implementation of new laws which punish such culprits is something every woman looking forward to. I only hope this campaign brings a change where no man again dares to speak a word wrong towards someone’s dignity and never tries to assault any woman or a man.


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