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The Great Indian Soap Operas

I am a 90’s kid and sometimes I really miss those days when we used to bunk classes to watch our favorite serial Shaktiman, in fact, I have also witnessed the time when people used to take bath early on Sundays to watch Ramayan and Mahabharat. Those times were great! Wasn’t it?

The other day, while surfing through YouTube searching for some cool web series that could give me a break from the great Indian Soap Opera found this video of an old serial called Shanti. Remember the young Mandira Bedi with her simple plain looks, flaunting her long curly hair became iconic of every girl next door. Somehow I got motivated and clicked it, despite the slow net connection I wanted to watch that video clip as it belonged to the era when I was a child. Trust me after watching it I felt so content and happy. It was different, it showed a woman whom we all can actually relate to, fighting for her rights and trying to grow in the patriarchal society.

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After some time I switched on the television to check out some interesting serial but what I saw was disastrously pathetic, well, I don’t believe in taking names but would mention it here so that you people don’t end up watching this utter blunder, I am talking about the highest rated TV show, Nagin. Can you believe it has an ichadhari Naag, Nagin, Peacock and honey bee and if there was something more, I didn’t have the guts to see it. The trauma doesn’t end here, then I flipped to another channel and it was showing a serial where a grandmother was shown that she is expecting a baby, I don’t know if it really was true or just a plot but this itself was such a thing beyond nature’s law that I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears. And how can I forget the attires and makeup of all bahus in the family, come on directors, be realistic! Who sleeps in a heavy zardozi sari with full makeup and jewellery on?

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I am not trying to criticize anyone but what I mean to show here is that the standard of Indian Television shows is degrading and it’s definitely not for the good.  Today you will hardly find a serial which raises issues that teenagers face, a serial which shows that the woman is a strong being and she has more to do that conspiracy and welcoming people. One of the prime reasons for this is the rising demand for such type of content and TRP. Serials have now become more TRP oriented than content oriented.

I understand that these serials are inspired from some foreign serials which are based on the supernatural theme but does that mean we lose our originality. Can’t we create some new concept and theme which is more positive and to which we, the common people really can relate to?

Well, I will leave you with this thought; do drop in your comments and views on this.

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