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The Incomplete Love

Is it really painful to see your inamorata marrying someone else questioned her mind to her heart? Sitting alone in a coffee shop, holding her tears she is lost in his memories. The warmth of the coffee reminds her of the coldness in his heart. The ring on her finger proves that she is still into him.

“How can he marry someone else? How can he brush off these six years? How can he turn his face away from me, from my memories and just move on, how? Is it my fault that my family is not agreeing? Can’t he realize that am also waiting? I rejected so many matches for him. Can’t he turn down their proposal? Was I nothing to him? His mother had put her heart out just once that she was totally jaded of waiting for me and he decided to quit. Was my love so weak? I am a 30 years old woman and still ready to wait for him forever.

My parents are not keeping well but still, I stood by my love. I respect my parents, I love them a lot but still, I was hurting them for him. I have never made them cry but this time they cried, all because of my foolishness. I was trying to make them understand that there is no harm in marrying a guy of another caste. He proved me wrong. What wrong I did? Why did he leave me?”

This time her crestfallen eyes couldn’t hold back the tears that were dying to roll down.

“I wish she forgives me,” he said sipping coffee at his home. “I had to do this to her, we can’t stay this way forever. Her parents won’t agree and I know she will leave me anytime if her family would pressurize her. But I can’t run away from one more fact that she has turned 30 and if she will not marry now she will not find a good match and I know her parents won’t let me marry her. I did this for her happiness. If not today, am sure tomorrow she will understand me. I know she hates me now. I lost her forever. Her

Her caste was different and her parents were determined that they will not get me married to her. I can’t see her fighting with everyone for me. She loves her parents and because of me, their best daughter became the worst daughter for them. What if anything happens to someone, I won’t be able to handle this. I’ll regret all my life. She will understand me one day. I wish she finds someone soon. “His mind justifies his insecurities to his broken heart.

Nutshell….??? The love remains incomplete……….

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