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The Journey of a Woman Into Motherhood

The date, 14th May 2017  is marked in the calendar of my daughter and I know the tiny secret that she is trying so hard to keep for gifting me something that expresses her love to me on this mothers day, is itself a feeling of joy.

Everyone is so enthusiastic to celebrate the day and show their love for their mothers. Not that the mothers do not deserve love any other days but then, hey! Like all others, we get to celebrate a day too. Not to mention the high profit from the sales of greeting cards, gifts, jewelry, and to any other woman affinity items.

Talking about mother’s day made me revisit the day I entered into the motherhood. Fast-forward to after nine months to the day I delivered, the day I heard the crying wails of teeny at the same time shrieking voice. Probably, that is the only time when a woman feels happy hearing her baby cry. Did not think how bad I was hurting or how bad the pain was. The world seemed to have stopped for a while and all I wanted is to look at my baby. The doctors brought her face to my face. Due to the C-section, I could not move much of my body but wanted to hold her in my arms immediately.  Only a mother can know what I felt then because I fail to express the feeling in words. The journey into motherhood started then.

The journey of motherhood starts for every woman, when she stops thinking of her own pain, instead starts worrying about the pain of her children. I agree and as I told many times in various of my writings that a father and a mother are equally important. However, there is an invisible bond that connects a mother and her child. The umbilical cord might have been cut at the time of the birth, and yet the bond remains stronger and hence a mother feelings are more intense.

Ask a mother what is her worst fear? You will find the same answer universal or at least the majority of them. The answer will be “my worst fear is that my child is in some danger or in some pain and I cannot help”. Do you agree,  moms? I know you do because I know you’re a mom too!!

To all the mothers who appears to the office with milk and food stains on her dress, who walks around with diapers in her bags always, for those mothers whose feet was killing and yet she jumps into the bed with a story book, for those mothers who let her kid fall and bleed and let him get up on his/her own, For those mothers who stood on a tip-toe to watch her child program on stage and shed a single happy tear, for those mother who worries until her child returns from school/colleges if it is even past 5 minutes late, for those mothers who sits with a book past midnight so that her child studies, for all those mothers who wakes up before the sun rises to pack food for her child, here is my salute to you!! Because there is no one like you and your love is the pure kind!!

Motherhood is a splendid journey that while I taught, I also learned many things. The love, the warmth and the feeling of being a mother is something well expressed when you experience it. So, to all the mothers and to all those who would be a mother one day, let’s celebrate motherhood and enjoy the journey.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there!!

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