The Mahindra Sanatkada Lucknow Festival 3

Lucknow is known for its rich cultural heritage and every year the city revisits its old culture by celebrating it via cultural fest called, The Mahindra Sanatkada Lucknow Festival aims to bring back the famed but fading Lucknowi Tehzeeb. The festival is a celebration of craft, art, music, film, theatre, cuisine and heritage and is organized by Sanatkada, a non-profit crafts collective. Over the years, this festival has created a permanent space for itself in Lucknow’s culture calendar as it draws thousands of attendees from the city and its

Over the years, this festival has created a permanent space for itself in Lucknow’s culture calendar as it draws thousands of visitors from the city and its surroundings. This festival has carved a discernable niche for itself in the hearts of Lucknowites and thousands of people who visit Lucknow at the time of this festival. Like every year this time also, it will be celebrated with grandeur exhibitism but the theme of the festival is dedicated to the old houses that were constructed before 1950.

The festival will celebrate Lucknow’s rich heritage, it will hold contests, panel discussions and exhibitions.  The festival is titled as Lucknow ki Rehai’ish and it is dedicated to old Havelis and traditional lifestyle of Lucknow.  You will also enjoy food, craft, film history, drama and dance in this festival.  Held in the centre of the city, at the historic Safed Baradari, the aim of this festival is to bring together Lucknow people for fun, enjoyment and a dose of pleasure from the past!

Mark your calendar from 3rd Feb -7th Feb 2017 and don’t miss a chance to visit this festival.

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A Bewitching Show in the Air 3

To fly in the sky freely is something everyone dreams about. However, it is not as simple as we dream. Only a few make their dreams into reality. Bangalore is back with it’s famous Aero India Show- 2017 and this year it kick-started on the Valentine’s Day that was on 14th February. Aero India Show is a noted event globally and there are many other countries participating in the event. To watch the pilots make such beautiful performances in the sky without a fear of life is truly a mesmerizing sight.

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The 11th edition of the Aero Show is held at Air Force Station, Yelahanka, Bengaluru this year. The opening of the show was made by the Helicopters by carrying the Indian national flag by the Indian Air Force (IAF).

There are about 30countries participating in the event. What is special this year is; to make the show attractive, the defense and the civil aviation are performing together.

The best part of the show are the India’s fighters Tejas, Russia’s Sukhoi SU-30, Sweden’s Gripen, the French Rafale and the US F-16 which made a stealing performance on the first day and people witnessed a beautiful and an awestruck performance.

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What’s more? The Aero India show also welcomes many business and entrepreneurs to participate in their exhibition. The public can also attend and buy various business and artifacts that are sold in the exhibition.

Aero India Show- 2017 is a must visit if you are in Bengaluru during the show dates. If you are planning to visit and want to know more details you can always visit the Air India Show website

Event – Aero India Show-2017

Where – Air Force Station, Yelahanka, Bengaluru

When – 14th February to 18th February 2017

Timings – 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

(Entry gates opens one hour before the show and entry will be given only with a valid photo ID)

Shackled Freedom :( 2

The title is dedicated to all the women who despite being self-dependent are trapped in the chains of limitations and boundations.

Being a woman is not easy especially in a country where she is worshiped and humiliated at the same time. We have been accustomed to follow age-old traditions where the protocol of a woman’s life is defined before her birth. She has to be within the premises, speak less and low, shouldn’t laugh out loud as this is not how a decent woman should behave in the society.

What brings me to write this is the series of events against women that has left many of us aghast. With so many people preaching a lot about women empowerment, enabling her to come forward and make a mark in the society; we have incidents that clearly shows that being born in the female anatomy brings in a lot of challenges where the biggest fight is survival in the day to day life.

I don’t deny that women have come a long way from where they were a few years back but the irony is that the path has given her many nomenclatures, selfish, self-centered, uncultured, not a family person etc.  I want to question the people is it wrong to live freely, do what you want to do and live the life you want? We talk about equality in rights and position in a condition where a girl child is not even allowed to take birth.

We say that we are living in modern India, but the unfortunate truth is that India itself is living a dual life; one India that we see on television and metro and one India where people are fighting a battle to live and survive and amidst all this lies the life of a woman which is the same in both the worlds.

No matter how much we talk about the equality, rights etc.  all of this is fake until it is backed by educating every section of the society. What is required here is a reform and education to reach each section of society.

Empowering women is not only about educating them but it’s about giving them equal rights and freedom to live the life she wants to.