The Mahindra Sanatkada Lucknow Festival 95

Lucknow is known for its rich cultural heritage and every year the city revisits its old culture by celebrating it via cultural fest called, The Mahindra Sanatkada Lucknow Festival aims to bring back the famed but fading Lucknowi Tehzeeb. The festival is a celebration of craft, art, music, film, theatre, cuisine and heritage and is organized by Sanatkada, a non-profit crafts collective. Over the years, this festival has created a permanent space for itself in Lucknow’s culture calendar as it draws thousands of attendees from the city and its

Over the years, this festival has created a permanent space for itself in Lucknow’s culture calendar as it draws thousands of visitors from the city and its surroundings. This festival has carved a discernable niche for itself in the hearts of Lucknowites and thousands of people who visit Lucknow at the time of this festival. Like every year this time also, it will be celebrated with grandeur exhibitism but the theme of the festival is dedicated to the old houses that were constructed before 1950.

The festival will celebrate Lucknow’s rich heritage, it will hold contests, panel discussions and exhibitions.  The festival is titled as Lucknow ki Rehai’ish and it is dedicated to old Havelis and traditional lifestyle of Lucknow.  You will also enjoy food, craft, film history, drama and dance in this festival.  Held in the centre of the city, at the historic Safed Baradari, the aim of this festival is to bring together Lucknow people for fun, enjoyment and a dose of pleasure from the past!

Mark your calendar from 3rd Feb -7th Feb 2017 and don’t miss a chance to visit this festival.

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Bharangam by National School of Drama 80

Established by our very own and very famous National School of Drama, Bharat Rang Mahotsav, abbreviated as Bharangam was established over a decade ago with the aim of stimulating the growth of theatre kala in the country. However, it expanded and inculcated international frontiers under its umbrella and is now the largest theatre festival of Asia.

Theatre is a form of art which is, in all its real form, by the people, from the people and to the people but unfortunately the culture is diminishing. In this time of  cholera, this eighteen days event is a third world experience where groups, artists, actors from all over the world come together to nurture this art form.

Theatre is but a true expression of impermanence. The beauty, the magic, the joy of coming together and evolving into a miracle called Life is the true essence of theatre. Each year we gather together to celebrate this expression, this dynamism of learning and growing…

Festival is not just a collection of performances from various regions; it is also a coming together, sharing and evolving. NSD being primarily an academic institute takes definite initiative to develop the culture of discourse. This attempt has led to the conception of three seminars- “Today in Today’s Theatre”, “Emerging Trends” and “Rediscovering the Magic of Theatre- World theatre Forum”. World Theatre Forum, is an attempt of creating a common platform for artists, researchers and scholars from all disciplines and areas, across the globe. Eminent theatre personalities as well as speakers from various Nations (Afghanistan, Armenia, India, Italy, New York, Norway, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Thailand and others) will be participating.

The National School of Drama’s annual theatre festival – will begin on February 1 with the theme “Breaking Borders”. Besides Indian theatre groups, theatre artists from 12 countries will participate in the 18-day event that will conclude on February 18. Sixty-nine plays will be performed on seven different stages, making for 150 performances that theatre aficionados can treat themselves to.

The tickets for the festival will be available online and would be released in a three-phase manner for the convenience of the audience. Tickets are priced between Rs.50 to Rs.200.

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