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The Man Who Taught Me the Unconditional Love

My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me

A mother is, of course, the first person who comes to mind when we talk about unconditional love, but most often we forget to acknowledge this man who stands back, watches out, stretches his arms around all of us in protection like a big bear, and secretly sheds a tear simply because he needs to be the stronger one. Yes! He is our father or dad or daddy or papa and many other names we call him with love. If our mother carried us in her womb for nine long months, our father carries us for an entire lifetime.

I remember how every day I stood by the door waiting for my father return from work in the evenings because I knew he is going to make me play. Of course, he would also make me sit with my books for hours which was the boring part, but he always played with me. I did not know then that he was tired working all day in a factory and yet found the energy to spend time with me simply because he loved me.

He sat helping me with every school work. Be it an activity or studies, spending time, helping me to learn it. He stood behind helping me learn the balance of the cycle. He believed in me when I wanted to move out of the house to another city to continue my education. He stood watching out for me. Was it not his love for me that made him do all that he did? Now I am a mother myself and I know the feeling, I asked him one day; was he not afraid to send me out of the house, and let me stay alone in a new city? His answer was “ I was very much worried, but you needed to go, you needed to learn to be independent”.

There were many times that I rolled my eyes for his advice and did against. But I have also learned my lessons and came back to him telling that he was right. But the most beautiful gift he gave me is believing in me every time.

Years passed by and I grew older. He stood there silently when the man he chose tied the knot in my neck, all the while accepting the fact that it is time for me to move out of his cocoon. His only concern and wish, my husband and my future family treat me the best because he was handing over his princess in their hands forever. That is the day probably in every daughter’s life, we see our fathers at the weakest yet the most lovable and strongest man in the World.

After being married for many years now, even today my father waits for my call every day and feels sad and worried when I miss even a day, though he knows everything will be fine with me. At times we fight, times we argue, times we laugh, times we just talk. But in the end of the day, he sleeps well knowing I am happy. He was a very strict man in my growing age, but underneath I know he is a very soft and emotional man who loves me like no one else.

Dear dad, please know you are my hero forever and I love you always!!!

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  1. Shobhika John

    Omg tears in my…sitting in my working studio…can’t resist to control my emotions….in very simple words , a description of FATHER.
    Commendable work.

  2. Shobhika John

    This s what which is happening in my life. M feeling like somebody reading my heart.

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