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The Mr Crust Bakery

The heavenly aroma of freshly baked bread along with the sight of everything good be it sandwiches, cakes, doughnuts…you name it, you get it, will greet you as you step inside the shop.

Mr Crust, located in Vijay Nagar near North Campus, is one of the finest bakeries in North Delhi with an added advantage of being economical.  Don’t eat eggs? No problem, they offer a variety of eggless cakes and pastries. Want to design your own cake? Don’t worry, they’ll make it happen!

As far as it’s snacks are concerned, the most popular one is the Makhani pasta which is a fusion of Indian and Italian spices. Another delicacy that’s a must try is my favourite – Crispy Chilli Potato.


They often add new items to their menu according to the occasion and this Christmas the specialty was a unique red velvet doughnut, marzipans and different flavoured poppers: strawberry pop, teddy pop, fruit pop etc.

You can have a sumptuous meal under Rs 300 and you’ll come out as a happier person, after all, it’s a value for money!

So think no more and give it a try.


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