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The Other Side of Men in Delhi that Nobody Talks About

Since people around us are hell-bent on putting men from Delhi in horribly bad light, let me give you a different example.

I was shopping in Sarojini Nagar and had to take the metro back to Gurgaon. I had a long way to go and the clock had already hit 7. It was dark and I just wanted to take the first auto-rickshaw I could. You know how when you’re in a hurry to get somewhere, something or the other keeps happening to ensure that you get late? That’s exactly what happened with me, the cabs were taking too long and three auto wallas had already decided not to take me. Finally, I got into an e-rickshaw.

He’d barely driven for a hundred meters when the rickshaw-walla stopped to let two men get in. Out of change, and in no mood to argue, I decided to let things happen as they were, but, being the scared, unsafe Delhi girl that I am required to be, I just pulled my purse and shopping bags closer to my body and waited for the 5-minute ride to end as soon as possible.

We reached the metro station, and I hurriedly handed the rickshaw-walla a 10 rupee not before jumping off the e-rick. I’d almost reached the entrance of the metro station when both my co-passengers and the rickshaw-walla started calling me. Hey Madam….!!!!! They called. ‘Bastards, ladki dekhi nahi ki shuroo ‘ I thought and just avoided their callings and ran into the station but one of the guys even came up to me. Before I could react, he said,” Balance to le lo”. I went back only to find that I had given the rickshaw-walla a 50 rupee note instead. My co-passengers joked,” Kya madam, hamara kiraya bhi pay kar diya!”  I just thanked and left.

Sitting in metro I just thought how the honest rickshaw-walla returned my change and my faith in the men of this city

He just made me believe that yes, Not all men are same.


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