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The spirits of festivities -Then & Now

The festival of colours has bid goodbye but the impact of it can still be seen all over. The air still beholds the smell of colours. The road, the balcony, the verandah of the houses and even the faces of the people are still telling the story of the festival that has just gone.

After finishing the morning chores, I was in the balcony, standing to let the cool breeze caresses me.  There is a strong connection between me and the cool breeze. It refreshes my soul. I was lost in my thoughts and was completely soaked in the essence of the beautiful morning. The memories of the moments spent with the family and friends during the Holi was knocking on the door of my mind. It amazed me how these festivals unite us with the bond of love. Our next door neighbour is not from the same community yet we celebrate each other’s festivals with the same zeal and enthusiasm.

Festivals give us a chance to steal a day from the mundane metro life and to paint the town with the spirits of festivities.

I bet many of you will agree that the celebration of festivals doesn’t give the same contentment now as they used to be when we were a child.  That spirit of the childhood Holi has lost its charm over the years.

I can still recollect those memories. How festivals used to be a week-long affair rather than just a one-day celebration as it has become now. How I totally loved to gorge on those delicacies prepared by my mother. The taste of those delicacies is still fresh on my taste buds.


Now neither those delicacies are eaten because of the fear of those calories and nor they are prepared with the same enthusiasm. Malpuas, Gujjias, Puran polis and other mouth-watering sweets which are considered to be Holi specialities are unheard of these days.We mostly rely on the market bought snacks and sweets to gift and to greet the guests. Don’t we?

The moments celebrated earlier were not captured by any camera but the images are still stored in the memory. The moment we close our eyes and refresh those memories stored, the clear images of those moments appear.

Now we capture each and every moment of festivals only to share them on FB to show off and get likes.

Over the years, as modernization, every single activity has become monetized, the true meaning of these festivals is becoming moribund. Instead of Gulaal and pichkaris, the spirit of Holi is celebrated through DJ & Rain Dance parties all over. Even I had one in my society.

In nutshell, the festivals in India are losing their charm as we celebrate festivals all over the social media with our friends through the pictures and status updates but not enjoying them with the same spirits like we used to do – a food for thought.

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