The Town of Boiled Beans and it’s Avarekai Mela 65

Beginning of a new year is welcomed by the farmers selling their harvested flat beans. However, it is not just selling the beans, instead, it is a festival of flat beans which is actually a Mela (fair) where people come to eat the various yummy and delicious foods.

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Bengaluru is known for many things, one of it is the “Avarekalu mela” that happens in the month of January every year, at Food Street in V. V. Puram near Sajjan Rao circle. Any resident of Bangalore would know this area for its delicacy. In fact, Bengaluru has a historical connection. The city is known as the “Town of Boiled Beans” because of the availability of flat beans. When the Hoysala King Vira Ballala II visited Bengaluru, he was offered food with flat beans. He was so pleased with the food, he named the place as Bendakaluru which over time became Bengaluru.

As explained by the “Vasavi Condiments” Proprietor, the organizer of this mela, they try to help the farmers to sell their flat beans which are grown freshly in the winter. It was started initially as a small event 17 years before. But over time, this event attracted thousands of people every year and the crowd is unimaginable.

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While it is difficult to step your feet in the crowd, people queue up in a lengthy tail to eat and taste the foods that are sold. A variety of delectable dishes are freshly made here and it is a must try. Every dish contains the boiled flat beans (Avarekalu). The menu contains the Avarekalu (flat beans) dosa, roti, vada, avarekai honey jalebi, avarekai idly, avarekai barfi and other sweets. Also avarekai pani puri with a taste of Mumbai street food. Except for the water, you will find all the foods made with flat beans here. Now, that sounds yummylicious, isn’t it?

This year 2017 marked the 17th annual Avarekalu fair and started on Thursday 5th January, with famous celebrities and politicians of Karnataka inaugurating the event. The event will be there for the next 15 days and best time will be in the late evenings. It will be open from 11 AM till 10 PM. Avarekalu Mela will also be held in Malleshwaram from 18th to 22nd of January and in Nagharbhavi from 25th to 29th for the first time this year. The main event is in the V. V. Puram Food Street.



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For people of Bengaluru and for someone like me it’s an event that brings back plenty of pleasant memories. Enjoying with friends and families with a tasty food is a moment that stays with you forever.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan your day and make your any of the evenings free to have dinner on this street with your family and friends.

Note of caution: There will be a huge crowd. Children need to be held hands and guided carefully and be careful with your valuables. It will be good if you can go with proper cash and the right amount of change as due to demonetization it is difficult to provide cash change by the farmers.

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Imperfecto, Hauz Khas 46

My idea of a good Saturday night?
Well….warm place, good vibes, good booze, some live music and friends. I had been wanting that for a very long time. It is very difficult to have such a night when you are living in a hostel because eventually warm place becomes the comfort of your bed, good vibes become the latest show that you binge watch and good booze becomes cheap daaru that you get from the theka outside your hostel.

However, my wish did come true when I visited Imperfecto at Hauz Khas. It was Saturday night so obviously the place was a bit crowded but we managed to find a spot for six.  It had everything I could ever ask for on a beautiful night.  Let’s start with the fact that it will not let you leave disappointed.

The interiors are eclectically designed and it offers an amazing variety of food and drinks with perplexing music.

Let me warn you about the money though. Since the place is so damn awesome, it is not cheap at all. So if you want to have a dreamy night with all its music and jazz, make sure you are carrying enough to pay for the same 😛

Take my advice and head to Imperfecto HKV this Saturday!!
You can also check out their Facebook page for more events.

Share your crazy stories with us on our Facebook page, and if you think there is some under-discovered restaurant in the city, do comment in the box below 😀 and we will sure check it out.



A real wonder fruit – Banana. 169

Banana is the most commonly available fruit all over the world. Yet many are ignorant about the loads of benefits that this wonder fruit has to offer.

It is an instant energy booster and can help you relieve from the sudden hunger pang. So if you are going to have a super busy day, don’t forget to pack a banana in your bag.

This fruit is super rich in two important nutrients- Potassium and Magnesium. Both are equally good for keeping our heart healthy.

Want to know other health benefits of this fruit?

Here you go-

  • Health benefits for children: The wonder fruit is a must have in your child’s diet. The goodness of vitamin A helps in maintaining  a good eyesight among children. The rich iron content and high potassium levels give boost to a child’s mental health and keep the fatigue at bay.  And also the calcium rich food helps in the good health of bones of your child.
  • Rich in Fibre: Banana is a rich source of fibre, both soluble and insoluble. It helps in both preventing and curing  constipation and also as the soluble fibre is known to slow down the digestion process, it helps us to remain full for longer time. So add banana to your breakfast platter to kick start your busy day.
  • Good for heart: A good source of Potassium and Mangnesium and also fibre, it helps keeping the heart problems away and lowers down the risk of heart diseases.
  • Digestion friendly: The salt content present in this fruit helps in stimulating the digestive juices which further helps in digestion and builds up metabolism.
  • Extra Goodness: You will be super amazed to know that one single fruit, Banana, is rich in so many nutrients. It is a must have fruit for all ages. It is rich in niacin, potassium, mangnesium,riboflavin,calcium, protein,folate and vitamin B6. All these nutritions are required by the body for its proper functioning and growth.

Still doubt the goodness of the super power of this fruit. Check some more benefits of banana which makes it essential to be included in the diet.

  • Low in salt content and rich source of potassium makes this fruit boon for those having high blood pressure.
  • The rich iron content of this fruit makes it good to have for those who are suffering from anaemia.
  • The zero cholesterol property of this fruit makes it good for people having heart diseases. As it is rich in fibre, potassium and mangnesium this helps in keeping the heart problems under check.

Now you would love to know how to include this wonder fruit in your diet,isn’t it?

  • Grab it, peel it and have it.
  • Blend it with milk and few drops of vanilla essence and your banana milk shake is ready.
  • you can add this fruit in cake batter. Bake it and have a slice of banana cake.

Want to know about more dessert that can be made out of banana?

This wonder fruit can be used in many dessert. Add it to kheer, Malpua, halwa, Pyassam and many more.

Even the raw state of banana is used globally in many cuisines. It can be used to make curries, kebabs, wafers and pakoras. The famous Kerala curry Avial and Kaplan also have raw banana as its ingredient.

So what are you waiting for. Grab your banana today.