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The Town of Boiled Beans and it’s Avarekai Mela

Beginning of a new year is welcomed by the farmers selling their harvested flat beans. However, it is not just selling the beans, instead, it is a festival of flat beans which is actually a Mela (fair) where people come to eat the various yummy and delicious foods.

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Bengaluru is known for many things, one of it is the “Avarekalu mela” that happens in the month of January every year, at Food Street in V. V. Puram near Sajjan Rao circle. Any resident of Bangalore would know this area for its delicacy. In fact, Bengaluru has a historical connection. The city is known as the “Town of Boiled Beans” because of the availability of flat beans. When the Hoysala King Vira Ballala II visited Bengaluru, he was offered food with flat beans. He was so pleased with the food, he named the place as Bendakaluru which over time became Bengaluru.

As explained by the “Vasavi Condiments” Proprietor, the organizer of this mela, they try to help the farmers to sell their flat beans which are grown freshly in the winter. It was started initially as a small event 17 years before. But over time, this event attracted thousands of people every year and the crowd is unimaginable.

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While it is difficult to step your feet in the crowd, people queue up in a lengthy tail to eat and taste the foods that are sold. A variety of delectable dishes are freshly made here and it is a must try. Every dish contains the boiled flat beans (Avarekalu). The menu contains the Avarekalu (flat beans) dosa, roti, vada, avarekai honey jalebi, avarekai idly, avarekai barfi and other sweets. Also avarekai pani puri with a taste of Mumbai street food. Except for the water, you will find all the foods made with flat beans here. Now, that sounds yummylicious, isn’t it?

This year 2017 marked the 17th annual Avarekalu fair and started on Thursday 5th January, with famous celebrities and politicians of Karnataka inaugurating the event. The event will be there for the next 15 days and best time will be in the late evenings. It will be open from 11 AM till 10 PM. Avarekalu Mela will also be held in Malleshwaram from 18th to 22nd of January and in Nagharbhavi from 25th to 29th for the first time this year. The main event is in the V. V. Puram Food Street.



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For people of Bengaluru and for someone like me it’s an event that brings back plenty of pleasant memories. Enjoying with friends and families with a tasty food is a moment that stays with you forever.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan your day and make your any of the evenings free to have dinner on this street with your family and friends.

Note of caution: There will be a huge crowd. Children need to be held hands and guided carefully and be careful with your valuables. It will be good if you can go with proper cash and the right amount of change as due to demonetization it is difficult to provide cash change by the farmers.

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