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There is no comparison between a stay at home and a working mother

I have been reading a lot these days about Mira Rajput and her comments regarding working women and about those who leave their kids and go out to work. Well, my lovely lady, you fail to understand the fact that women who are working out are not only balancing work and home but they undergo huge emotional turbulence.

It’s good to know that you care a lot about your little one but does that anyways make ladies going out for work, loves less.  I vehemently oppose this and what brings me to write this is to show my gesture of appreciation and respect to all the women who are either at stay at home mom or are working moms.

And when I am talking about working women, I count every damn woman on this earth, whether she is a labour, or a servant, a babysitter, a manager or even a CEO; every lady on this earth who is making an effort to grow is a working woman.  I think a bit differently, firstly I don’t want to compare a stay at home mother and a working mom and the reason is very simple,  you compare two things when you find it different and I think that both the genre of women are working in one form or another.

A lady who is at home whole day, dedicating her career, her life, and her dreams to live and shape the dreams of her child needs no comparison but just appreciation; at the same time, a lady who goes out to work is also making a sacrifice, she has also nurtured a life within her for 9 months and wants to be an eyewitness to the growth graph of her child but just because she is also focusing on her career doesn’t make her any less of a mother.

Working or not should be the choice of a woman and not the deciding factor or litmus test for her love for her child. The reason I am able to state all this is because I too have been a working woman and I still am, but I am working from home and the reason I chose to be one is because I want my child to learn that a woman is capable of doing it all and that too without complaining. I have many friends who are working, they go out and their whole day goes thinking how their child would be at home. The choice of a working woman or a stay at home is not an easy one. Our circumstances and situations make us choose what we have; it should not demean us or derogate our efforts.

A piece of advice to all the think-alike Mira Rajput (with no offense), we should stand for each other, the reason women are so possessive about their career and goals is because they have worked hard to earn it in life, the situation of a woman in our country has never been easy and with so many difficulties women are trying to survive the battle of the fittest and if they have emerged as a winner, I think they should stand by it.

We ladies should be a building block for each other, if someone is trying to take a stand, we should support it. A housewife, on the other hand, dedicates her entire life to make her family stand because she is laying the foundation stone for the future; her children are going to be the building blocks of the future society.

Stop Comparing, Start Appreciating !!!

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