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Things, People Who Suppress Their Feelings Can Relate With!!

If you are somewhat like me, who keeps her feelings and emotions bottled in, who doesn’t express her inner thoughts and ideas in front of others, and have built walls around your heart and mind so that no one can peek to know what exactly you are going through. If your answer is yes to any of these then, you’ll absolutely relate to this post.

Like me, you are also the one who–

  1. Always Wear a Mask

By wearing a mask, I mean, you are very empathic, you get in tune with other people’s feelings, that’s your way of ignoring you. You smile when your bestie is laughing, you feel sad when someone cries. Since you keep your emotions inside, at times you drown in it.

  1. Hides our feelings to survive

You don’t express your true feelings because if people knew how exactly you felt about them or things, you probably would not be in a good position, you know very well that to survive in this world it’s necessary to pretend.

  1. Are Very Emotional

You have tonnes of intense emotions, and feel you’re on an emotional rollercoaster ride all the time. You never show and let people know they even exist, for the same reason of survival, you hide them from everyone.

  1. Smiles even at Terrible People

In situations, when someone is treating you wrong or is being really mean you prefer to be calm and just smile at them. Though, in your head, you want to kill them.

  1. Hates to Cry

Crying is a way of expressing sadness and if someone notices you crying or your red swollen eyes, the effort to hide your emotions goes to vain. That’s the reason you despise crying.

  1.  Camouflages Anxiety

When you don’t share your feelings, how can you let anyone know that you are anxious? Like normal people you too feel bouts of anxiety but, you know how to conceal the symptoms of shaky legs, sweaty palms, and quivering breaths.

  1.  Think A lot

A person with intense emotions and lot of anxiety is bound to be an over-thinker, you think about each and everything repeatedly. Before speaking about anything to analyze every possibility and choose your words carefully.

  1.  Speaks Less

You face trouble while speaking up your thoughts and ideas because firstly you don’t know how valid your thoughts and ideas are and secondly you don’t wish to reveal too much about yourself.

  1. Hates People Who Ask’ How Are You?’

Irrespective of how you are feeling, happy or sad your answer is always the same, ‘I AM FINE’. Since you hide so many different emotions in you, answering this question gets very risky.

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