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Tips to Deal with Deadlines

Deadline!!! This word might haunt some of you till date. We all have gone through the struggle of completing homework and projects on time in our school and college time, but the struggle doesn’t end there. Now we must deal with deadlines given by our managers or boss. At an average employee work for 44 hours per week, but only 29 of those are productive. let’s have a look at some tips that can help all of us to nail every deadline.

  1. Sidestep Disruptions

 When at workplace resist the urge of checking your cell phone and emails constantly. It will be good for you to keep your cellphone on flight mode and turning off APP notifications and let calls go to voice mail.

  1. Speak Up

If you and your co-workers need something new in office, which can help in increasing your productivity it may be a new office equipment like a printer or paper shredder or even a coffee machine. Ask for it as requesting for something you need will not hurt anyone.

  1. Try to Cut Down Meetings

Next time when you are about to fix a meeting with a client ask yourself is it necessary to meet face to face? Cancel such meetings when you can discuss the terms and conditions through emails. This will save your travel time which you can use to complete other tasks.

  1. Avoid Multi-tasking

When under pressure we tend to multi-task thinking that we are saving time but the truth is it makes you exhausted. Make sure you are 100% focused when you are going for an important meeting. Multi-tasking will hurt your productivity, as you might miss crucial points or updates.

  1. Declutter

Around 88% of people use paper in their office, to take notes or make to do list and most of the time we keep these papers on our desk. We don’t realize that this clutter reduces our productivity. Try to declutter your desk my keeping items you need daily on your desk and the once you work with weekly or monthly in drawers.

  1. Add Fun

Turn boring task into a game by challenging yourself that when you complete this task in a specified time you will do something to relax like take a coffee break or treat yourself by eating a piece of your favorite chocolate.

  1. Change of Setting

Try working in a different environment once a week. It can be done by working from home, library, or a nearby park and if you can’t leave your office, try switching your place with a colleague. Change in surrounding can inspire new ideas and energies you to complete your to-do list


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