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She was now prepared for the new life, but God had different plans for her!

Tamanna, winsome smile, kohl black eyes, elegant, blend of modern and traditional values, career-oriented yet a family girl who never gave credence to love. Her family desperately wanted her to settle down.

She was now somewhere prepared for the new life ahead. “Arrange marriage, kids, family and her career”.

But God had different plans for her.

One day, she was scrolling her phonebook, it seemed to be the most boring day for her when she saw a contact on her phone “Aakash”.

“Aakash, it has been 10 years I didn’t meet him. Let me call and surprise him” She murmured.

Bell rang

“Tamanna??” Nonplussed Aakash said.

“I can’t believe, your number flashed on my phone”, he continued.

“Yes, Mr. Aakash Khurana, This is Tamanna Oberoi this side”, she chuckled.

“Oh my God! I can’t swallow this, someone please pinch me hard, am I really dreaming?”

“Stop it Aakash”, she dissolved into laughter.

“No, I really mean it” his contentment could be sensed from his tone.

“So, Tamanna how’s life? How did I cross your mind today?”, he asked casually.

“Well being honest, I was scrolling my phone book and found your number,” she said with a smile.

“It has been 10 years, we didn’t catch up and 2 years that you didn’t even wish me on my birthday”, he sounded glum.

“I was expecting this. I know you never forget my birthday, never, but this year you didn’t call me. You just dropped me a message”, she defended herself.

“Owing to the fact, if I ever called you apart from your birthday you never received my call”, he gave a doleful look.

“I am so sorry”, she gave a gleeful chuckle.

“I cannot even think of being angry with you Tamanna.” He took a deep breath.

“Aakash, let us meet now,” she said with excitement.

“I am in office”, he responded.

“No problem will meet some other time then. Anyway, it will take you more than 1 hour to reach my place and vice versa”, she responded with a little disappointment.

After a pause

“Tamanna, Be ready. I will meet you at city mall in an hour. I don’t want to lose this opportunity of meeting you” , he laughed.

Surprisingly, both reached early than they expected.

They met in the coffee shop.

He gave her “1 yellow rose”.

“That’s cute Aakash, you didn’t change at all but you have put on so much”, she laughed.

“You look beautiful and just the same. I can’t believe you are right in front of me. Missed you”, he reddened.

Tamanna couldn’t move her eyes off Aakash. She couldn’t stop smiling. She felt as if her childhood was back.

“So how’s life? Found anyone?”, he asked.

“Life is good. My parents are looking for matches for me. I told them he should be workaholic, teetotaller and grounded”, she was crisp and clear in her thoughts.

“Yes, I know your type. Tamanna, you are so beautiful. Why did you not fall in love?” , he questioned.

“Love, Ah! You don’t find true love these days”, she showed her disappointment.

“Heartbreak?”,  he asked.

“Oh no, Just too scared to fall in love. I cannot deal with heartbreaks. Anyway, you tell about your life” ,she smiled.

“Two heartbreaks, 9 to 5 job then I spend time with my sister’s kids, I cook and the remaining time I drink”, he replied.

“You drink and smoke”, she cross-questioned.

He nodded. “Not your type”, he laughed.

“Aakash, grow up”, she grinned.

After few seconds of silenc, she threw another question on him.

“Two heartbreaks?”

“Yes, first one has no clue about my love and second never said yes”

“Means?”, she was puzzled.

“My first love is my close friend. I fear to lose her friendship. I could never express my feelings to her gradually after few years I met this second girl Prakshi. She resembled my first love a lot so probably I fell for her but that’s over too she never said yes.”

“So basically Prakshi was just a way to forget your first love. By the way, I was your best friend I was supposed to know everything. Now tell me who is your first love?”

“You….I mean you vanished Tamanna. You never even bothered to receive my calls. We used to share everything till our graduation, what changed you so much?” Aakash became emotional.

“I don’t know what to say Aakash. I was busy with my post-graduation. I saw your pics on social networking sites. You were not at all my Aakash. Drinks, party, smoking, girls. You didn’t need me. I called it a quit”, she said in despair.

“So you took a back step if you saw your best friend on the wrong path” , he confronted.

There was an awkward silence.

“Mad girl, do you realize we didn’t order anything”, he changed the topic. She smiled.

Their meeting lasted for three hours and when she came back she wasn’t the same.

She called her best friend Drishya.

“Drish, I met Aakash, my childhood friend and the strange thing is that I felt so much connected as if we never parted.” She narrated everything to her.

Tamanna then called up her parents and told them about Aakash.

She and Aakash were together from class 2nd. They were best buddies. He was the only one to visit Tamanna‘s home anytime. He was bonded with her family too.

Since then, they started meeting often. Aakash never initiated any plan or any phone calls. It was Tamanna who was keeping them together now.

On the 5th meeting, she finally asked him “Aakash, you never call me, you never initiate plans, and you never message me if I don’t.”

“You noticed” his eyes twinkled. “Of course” she angrily replied.

“Is it irritating?” the cuteness overloaded now.

“You are taking revenge” She looked at him with no smile.

“No” he laughed.” I didn’t want to lose you again, I never wanted to give you a feeling that could take you away.” He added.

“Aakash,” she said with a facepalm.

“Tamanna, you are also looking for a life partner like I am looking for one. Let’s get married. I cook, I am good with kids, I will quit smoking, lessen my drinks and I earn well. No caste problem. We are best friends. I won’t ditch you. I am serious about it” He said it all in a breath.

“Aakash” She was stunned and embarrassed at the same time.

“Take your time. No hurry.” he smiled.

That night she couldn’t sleep. Her thoughts were filled with what Aakash proposed.

It was almost dawn. She called up Drishya.

“Drishu, Aakash proposed me for marriage. I cannot spoil my friendship”.

“Then what’s the point discussing. Goodnight” Drishya said.

“Shut up Drishu”

“Tamanna, you want to hear it from me then listen. He is a nice guy. I didn’t meet him but I find him genuine. Think about him”. Drishya explained her.

For a week she didn’t call him but she remained restless. She saw 2 matches in between but she couldn’t concentrate on any.

Next morning her dad called up. “Tamanna, Aakash’s mother wants to see you as her daughter in law.”

“What? What did you say, dad?” She was surprised.

“I like Aakash, we all are happy. What about you?” He asked her directly.

After a pause, she said “Yes dad. I am fine with this marriage”.

After an hour Aakash called her.

“Finally, you called”. Her anger came out.

“Tamanna, you said yes, really why did you not say anything to me?”

“Why did you not call me?” she confronted.

“I feared to lose you.” He said calmly.

“I have few conditions. You will quit smoking, lessen your alcohol intake, you will teach me cooking as I am not good at it. I will continue to work after marriage.” She politely kept her conditions.

“That’s it? I can do anything for you” He questioned.

She smiled.

And after a week they got engaged.

They went on a coffee date that evening after their engagement ceremony was over.

“So how are you feeling dear fiancée? She asked in jest.

“I love you” he whispered.

She was blank, her breath stopped for few seconds. He held her hands, she was ice cold.

“I love you, you are my first love. I loved you since class 8th but I feared to propose you. Everyone in my family knows about my feelings. I will never ditch you. I will be a loyal husband and your best friend. Don’t fear love. Love is beautiful, give it a chance. I got engaged to my best friend but I want to marry my love.”

She didn’t know how to react, what to say. She still didn’t realise that she had already fallen for him long back. She kept holding his hands and tears kept flowing.

“18 years you waited for me” She was touched.


“Say nothing, Tamanna, just nothing. I love you” he held her hand tightly.

He got engaged to his best friend and finally, he married his first love “Tamanna”.


True love exists, Give love a chance.

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  1. Shobhika John

    This is the best story till date. I really appreciate the composition of words. Loved it.
    Jinko jinko bhi Milne hota hai ….ISHQ milwayega…..this makes it complete.

  2. Jatin Uttam

    Superb… What a way to express..m speechless

  3. Anshu Ghodawat


  4. Shweta

    Such a cute one 💓💕 .. Enjoyed the read!

  5. Soumya Sudhakaran

    Aww.. a cute one ! Loved it ! 😍👌Keeeeeeep Writing girl !! 😊

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