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Trust me, cursing helps to just get ‘everything off’ of your chest!!

Believe it or not, letting the curse words fly – can be a terrific way to repose,  just get everything off of your chest and throw out into the black hole.

Surprised?? Don’t be!

Unknowingly, when a majority of people have probably dropped a handful of curse bombs under some stress, most of them didn’t really realize just how instrumental some curse words can be a when they just need something, I mean anything to help them loosen up.

Here are a few of reasons you may want to uncork a couple of saltier words to get back to your equilibrium- 😉

It really helps to feel a lot less pain

Richard Stevens of Keele University in England did an interesting psychological study,

He made few of college students to submerge their hands in ice cold water and few of them were allowed to scream as many expletives as they liked while the others were told to use more of “vanilla” words.

While comparing both the groups, those that screamed up few swear words, were able to keep their hands submerged in the icy temperatures for a few seconds longer than the other ‘decent’ group.

I am sure a lot of women who did ‘swear like a trooper’ while delivering a new life would agree to that it helped them to increase aggression and evoke ‘fight’ response that increased their pain tolerance. Amazing!!

You feel like Heroic

Scientifically, when human beings curse forcefully and as loud as humanly possible – a chemical response is activated in the human body that is closely linked to audacity, testosterone release, and feelings of competitiveness.

This biochemical reaction improves their mental focus, improves their athletic ability, and helps them compete – essentially turning them into superhumans for at least a short duration. 😉

It assists in adaptation

We as humans have a surprising power to adapt to almost any situation as our brain can create coping mechanisms that allow us to adjust on-the-fly. Curse words play a tremendous role in allowing us to unlock all of our potential even when we are facing significant odds.

Anthropologists have found that every culture has certain curse words that are used as coping mechanisms that help to unite people to accomplish things they wouldn’t have been able to otherwise under certain stresses and pressures.

There is a zero link between curse words and the intelligence

Yes, it’s true that salty language has always been considered ‘LS’ in most cultures. But, strangely, most people of various cultures and class rely on these bold words when they find themselves in sticky situations – and there is zero link between those words and lack of intelligence.( study by UK medical professionals and psychologists)

You’re not ignorant to let bold-bombs fly all the time

Obviously, you’re not going to throwing bold-bombs left, right, and center when it would be socially incorrect to do so, but you may want to unpolish your language sometimes especially when you’re feeling stressed out.

It is healthy….;)

Yes, of course, anything that helps to release stress is healthy. Whether its meditation, yoga, Or curse words…depends on person to person. After all, stress is the starting point of all diseases, we all know that, so what’s better than to find a way to De-stress?

All I want to say here is if you feel like you’ve had it with life’s stress and pressure, you want to scream, you want to shout, and you want to relieve a mountain of stress off of your shoulders, just go for it.

Disney language is mandatory around small children and people around, but if you are dealing with a little bit of pain – or quite a bit of stress– it’s okay to swear like a sailor in private to bring some relief psychologically …..sometimes!!

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