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TV actress Aishwarya Sakhuja has ‘Superiority Complex’ coz her father is in army.

Just read this ‘annoying’ statement of TV actress Aishwarya Sakhuja in the national newspaper today and this is what I want to say…….

We all have watched movies like ‘No one killed Jessica’ and ‘Pink’, both portrayed the results of ‘Boasting psychology’ of young adults just because they were the kids of highly ranked people. Every now and then there is a news of ‘Netas’ kids misbehaving with officers and others.

Miss Sakhuja, for you(army kids, as you said) to feel superior to others just because your father is an Armyman then you must watch these movies again and trust me, you’ll not give this type of statement again. Coz if you can proudly have a superiority complex because of your father’s profession then the sons of politicians in the movies, happily boasting their father’s position is also justified. Right? Their fathers were also serving the country as politicians.  And what should kids of top business tycoons feel about themselves then? ……God??

There is a hell lot of difference between feeling confident and feeling ‘Superiority Complex’ over others, Miss Sakhuja!

For you, India should have Rahul Gandhi only as PM coz he belongs to so-called ‘Raj Gharana’ and Shri Narender Modi should not have any rights to be a PM because he is a son of ‘Chai Wala’. Is it so?

One side we have a girl like Surabhi Gautam, born in an Orthodox village of Madhya Pradesh, studied in a Hindi medium Govt school and secured AIR 1 in (IES) and on the other side, a girl who has not achieved anything big in her life, boasting her background in a National newspaper.

We are blessed to have such capable people in India. Their work says it all!!

But for you, is the background of a person is more important than his/her capabilities? Answer me, Ms. Aishwarya!

The army is the most respectable profession and we really salute all our soldiers irrespective of their designation for their undying passion towards serving the country. Our brave men from generation to generation are serving in the army not to give their kids a Superiority complex but because of perennial patriotism for the country. And I am short of words to explain that emotion.

But what Aishwarya Sakhuja is endorsing as a daughter of an army man is really condemnable. Nobody has any right to enjoy superiority complex just because his/her father is highly ranked/politician/bureaucrat/business tycoon etc etc and should not be allowed to give such statements.

Come on people, How okay is to boast yourself because of your father’s professional position and when will we stop this?

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