Types of Mother’s Seen Near the School 107

While writing my previous article, a thought struck me about the various kind of mothers I talk to in every PTM I go, or sometimes I meet them when I drop my daughter to school. We stay close by to school and hence I drop and pick my daughter every day. Here is my take on a different kind of mother’s I see. Kindly, do not be offended and it is all just a fun observation.

So without much ado, here we go.

1. The Fashion Mom

You will never miss the latest trend of dressing this mom comes every day. Every time you meet her, you will be busy staring at all the different shades she has used on her makeup, her clothes, her footwear and what not? Seriously, I have been there and I wonder, how much time and patience it takes? Criticism apart, one need lot of patience for it.

2. Ever energetic mom

I am a mother of one child and a pet. Both together makes me tired in the end of the day. The energetic mom has more children yet she looks as energetic and is always ready for anything. She also looks confident about everything. Hush Hush she goes and there she comes back with her kid. What energy man!!!

3. The Gym mom

The super fit mom who you are always envious of the beautiful toned body. You will see this mom always in the working-out outfit. Talk to her and you will get plenty of do’s and dont’s for good health. Oh! It’s so hard to say no to the yummiest breakfast that awaits at home, so you avoid talking to this mom altogether. Problem solved.

4. The Pajamas Mom

You will see this mom every day in her pajamas or sweatpants and undone hair as if she just got out of bed and came to school. While, we all know that’s not the case, but this mom finds either it is difficult to dress up or simply does not care.

5. Always late mom

This mom got too many things on her plate, that she runs late every day. You will see this mom, carrying her child and dropping him/her late, almost by the time the gates are closing. Poor kid, though he/she would have got ready earlier, it’s mom who was not ready. This is so me 😉

6. Memory deficient mom

It’s hard to remember everything about everyone in the family, isn’t it? This mom forgets almost everything and remembers after dropping the child to school. Runs to shop when she realize her kiddo was supposed to bring an item and hands it over to the security to give it to her child.

7. Volunteer mom

This mom is the one you will see often in all school trips, exhibitions, fundraisers etc as a volunteer. She truly seems so kind and helpful mom but it could be exhausting to find her everywhere. BTW, a couple of times I wanted to volunteer, I had strict warnings from my daughter that I should not be seen anywhere close and she wants to be away from me for at least for a day, Oh! The joy of parenting!!

8. The popular mom

The popular mom is famous and everyone knows her. She is the coolest and all love to talk to her and be around her. Probably she is more likable than her own children.

Parenting is not an easy task, however, it is also a journey that teaches us so many things. So go ahead and tell me what type of mom are you?

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Imperfecto, Hauz Khas 80

My idea of a good Saturday night?
Well….warm place, good vibes, good booze, some live music and friends. I had been wanting that for a very long time. It is very difficult to have such a night when you are living in a hostel because eventually warm place becomes the comfort of your bed, good vibes become the latest show that you binge watch and good booze becomes cheap daaru that you get from the theka outside your hostel.

However, my wish did come true when I visited Imperfecto at Hauz Khas. It was Saturday night so obviously the place was a bit crowded but we managed to find a spot for six.  It had everything I could ever ask for on a beautiful night.  Let’s start with the fact that it will not let you leave disappointed.

The interiors are eclectically designed and it offers an amazing variety of food and drinks with perplexing music.

Let me warn you about the money though. Since the place is so damn awesome, it is not cheap at all. So if you want to have a dreamy night with all its music and jazz, make sure you are carrying enough to pay for the same 😛

Take my advice and head to Imperfecto HKV this Saturday!!
You can also check out their Facebook page for more events.

Share your crazy stories with us on our Facebook page, and if you think there is some under-discovered restaurant in the city, do comment in the box below 😀 and we will sure check it out.



Hey, what are you wearing? Is it Gucci or Versace? 158

Our criteria for which we test one’s civilisation is his/her look, from the dress you are wearing to the accessories you are carrying. Though we have travelled far away from our traditional dresses, yet still we are a slave to some kind of ‘look’ consciousness. Even today the first impression, someone leaves on us, is his/her appearance. We don’t mind getting buried in Gucci, Versace, Tommy, Louis Vuitton, Lavie, Burberry. Ladies notice all the brands even at a condolence( glares, handbag, dress, wedges). More the brands, more the popularity, more the respect. Isn’t it?

Girls are the angels, responsible for the survival of most of the brands. Their huge wardrobes are filled with all brands. In northern India, due to weather change, to maintain costume collection is very difficult. But they are talented enough to manage with few clothes, even in chilly January (poor girls). If they won’t dress up in this age, how will they make their future comfortable? (sorry, I didn’t want to hurt anyone). The dress, that has to wait long or forever for its turn again had reasonably cost about 5,000/-(what a use of money). When I was of this age, whenever my mom had saved  5000/-, she would make a plan to visit a goldsmith.

Boys are boys, simple, having at least three pairs of shades in the dashboard, suitable for each weather. Designer belts, designer shoes, customised undergarments(name embossed with embroidery). To say about clothes, no less than girls. Sandos, hoodies, slim fits, narrow fits, low waist and what not!! My mother used to embroider my father’s name initials on a handkerchief, that was her love and his fashion statement.

All fashion sites are well-visited and one can see a huge increase in delivery boys asking for an address on each corner of the city. Some are delivering on chota hatahis as well.

I remember, we used to get a new dress only on occasions, birthday, Diwali etc. No expense on show off and that’s how we have seen our parents too. No wastage of money just to have ‘Vakhra swag’.

Today, I really wonder how casual the youth is while spending their parent’s hard earned money. No, I am not talking about kids who are dropped to school in Audi and picked up in Merc. I am talking about middle-class kids who just to compete with ‘Audi’ class compel their parents to spend extra unnecessarily. Sometimes, the parents also do it to pamper and show their XL love to their kids.

But is it really necessary?

Is there any check to look into the wastage of money in the name of designers or brands.

Is this race endless, who is the winner?

Are we attracted to brands, or some attraction is left for character or loyalty?

Are our wardrobes flooding with useless apparels?

What we see in a person we meet for the first time?

Looks matter a lot, but give more value to the frame of mind. Don’t go broke trying to look COOL.