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Types of people you meet on Tinder

So the last time I wrote about tinder was when I wrote about types of guys you find on tinder. Needless to say, it was easier for me to write about the male part of the society.  To write about the female part of the society was a tougher task because the information was second-hand but the stories I heard from guys were waaaaayy better.

Without a doubt, Tinder has to be the most popular dating app in India. Even women who were extremely sceptical about online dating a year ago are now onboard. With the hope of finding someone special, to discover their inner goddess, or just to “make new friends” either way women in India are signing up for online dating and boy it’s fun.

Bringing you part-2 of the types of people on tinder where people = girls

  1. The old-fashioned one: She talks to one guy only, and within few weeks you guys are talking about living your life, together forever.
  2. Duck face: Yes you know it.
  3. I’m out of your league kind: ‘Ohh man’ that’s the first reaction when you see her profile. You just can’t get enough of her. She seems perfect. Perfect body, smart, looks good in her pictures and you just wish she had swiped right on you too.
  4. “Traveller”, “wanderlust”,” carpe diem” status’ kind: Let’s get the facts here out of all the bios which have these words only 2% of them actually are interested in travelling, the rest have it there because they look cool with these words in their bio.
  5. I love my best friend kind : They don’t have a single solo picture. it is always with someone. dad, brother, mom, best friend, best friend and her boyfriend. You get the drill, right?
  6. Raging bisexual: Bisexual is the second largest word used in profiles. I think girls confuse bi-curious and bi-sexual. either way, its a win-win for guys. 😛
  7. Fake profiles: Apparently that happens a lot when it comes to girls.
  8. The ‘not here for hookups’ kind: I had that on my profile when I was on tinder. well…in my defense I thought it was best to make it clear in the start itself before the build up of expectations happen but then I realized that phrase tops the list when it comes to tinder and girls.
  9. The girl you know:  **Awkward**
  10. Too rich for you: Zara, Gucci, Chanel, Victoria’s Secret, limo, Singapore and Sydney holidays. Different foreign location in every picture.

Please comment below if I have missed out on any type and if you have missed part 1, read here.

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