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Types of people you meet on TINDER

Let’s talk about the talk of the town, the dating app which has taken the city by the storm. Who knew that Tinder would become the thing! If you just broke up get on Tinder, if you wanna hookup get on Tinder, if you want to “meet new people” get on Tinder, if you want to explore the city in the comfort of your home GET ON TINDER!!!

Now that I think about it, Tinder is like Myntra…you don’t want to go out and waste your time going through different stores, hence you use the app, with Tinder…you don’t want to socialise much but still want to “meet new people” you swipe left/right. So convenient!

Now I am sure, I am like 110% sure that all of you reading this article have seen or used this app at-least once, maybe just out of curiosity but I know you have…I KNOW.  So you must be knowing that there is no way to filter out people, whoever XYZ is on Tinder will be on the list for you to decide whether to swipe. The problem here is you get all types of guys on tinder, like all of them…from that hot bullet waala guy to ‘haters will say its Photoshop’ kind.  There is no filter honey.

Bringing you part-1 where people  = guys.

  1. I am sexy and I know it: The gymmers, in every picture they show off their muscles, 3/5 pictures will be of them in the gym and their bio will definitely have “gym freak” written.
  2. Ready to lie about how we met: I can’t even count how many times I have seen that line on the bio. Got over it already guys.
  3. Faceless creeps: They don’t have a face, they will have a screenshot of music they are listening to, some Einstein quote but not a single picture of them. Creep alert?
  4. With the main pic as “ewww texting based on…”: No count of this either. Like yes…I am judging people based on their photoshopped pictures with ten thousand filters…mah lyf mah rulz. Period.
  5. I travel round the clock kind: Different pictures with scenic beauty in the background. From London, Dubai, Sydney, Singapore, and at Madame Tussauds .
  6. Here only for hookups: I don’t have any comments for this one. None.
  7. That hot AF dude you want to match with: Someone out of your league probably, someone so hot that your pants were dripping wet when you saw their profile and you just wished they swiped right on you too. Yep yep yep!
  8. I-know-this-guy guy: **awkward**
  9. The one who never replies: Why are you even on tinder? Like, you swipe me right, then there is a buildup of expectations that starts happening and you just ram it down by not replying…then why-why WHY did you swipe right.

Please comment below if I have missed out on any type and do share the article if you agree.
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