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Walk to Cure all Illness & Stay Healthy

Two years back, due to some health issue, I was subjected to a series of medical tests. Along with it was also a blood test. With this blood test, I got to know that my cholesterol was high and I am on the borderline for crossing the normal limits of blood sugar levels. More than the illness for which I got all the tests done, the readings of my sugar level threw me off. I started to worry even more, which of course never helped.

After a series of research and with the advice of my physician, I started to go for morning walks regularly. Making time on a busy schedule was difficult to go for a walk or to exercise. But getting on track was my priority. So I never gave up on walking for 30 minutes in the park and little diet changes in the food I consumed with every meal. Less consumption of rice, saying no to junk foods and included more fruits and vegetables in my diet.

I know, the hardest part was telling no to burgers, cool drinks, chips etc. It was kind of a torture to have them in front of my eyes and just walk away from it. But, It’s almost two years now that what I saw borderline results of my sugar levels are always normal. All it took is a change in the lifestyle and regular walk without missing. But believe me, giving up on all the unhealthy foods is totally worth it. Yes! I enjoy all kind of junk foods and sweets occasionally now, but that is rare. However, I never skip my morning walks.

Walking daily for 20-30 minutes brings tremendous changes. Helps to rejuvenate your mind, keeps you fit and boosts up your mood. Life got a lot to experience and time is limited. Let’s not make it more complicated by not prioritizing our health and the care it needs. So try to get some free time and walk for a while every day.

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