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‘Was it love?’ or just a chai and sutta together!!

Both of them were wide awake, lying on the bed and talking to each other, missing each other’s company.
Tia was in her hostel room and Max was home. 4:30am said the clock.

“that was some night” she texted.
“Yes, it was”
“why did it have to end…I wish we could just cuddle and sleep”
“If only”
“do you want to meet for chai and sutta”
“Give me an hour?”
“are you serious?”
“Why not!”
“okay then 😉 “

She was thinking about the last night, fancy dinner and sneaking in. But she had to leave before the sun came up and she did. Her last night in the city and all she wanted was his company, maybe.

4:45 am and before she knew, she dozed off.

She woke up to seven missed calls and nine unread messages.
‘holy crap’ she thought and texted Max immediately.

“hey, are you up?”
“You dozed off!”
“I am sorry, are you still coming to pick me up?”
“Meet me in twenty minutes, I am on my way”

She rushed to the washroom and checked herself in the mirror, well…he has seen me in worse and its just a morning date, just chai and sutta. And in her pyjamas and T-shirt she went downstairs. There he was, waiting for her at the corner of the road in his 12 years old activa.

“Are you carrying cigs?” she inquired.
“I always do” he replied with the wink.
“Well..I have cash and my mobile…so, lets go?”
“Hop on!”

“Where to?” he asked
“Please just drive…the weather is so good, lets go to the tapri outside the fort gate”
“How far is it?”
“Five kilometres, maybe seven”
“Yeah I have petrol”
“You don’t have enough?”
“We will find some petrol pump re, chill”

And they started on the empty road. She held him tight and was resting her head on his back.
‘Damn these rides, I will miss them in Delhi’ she thought to herself. They parked outside the fort, enjoying the weather and the royal garden view. It had started raining and they were relishing every bit of it.

All the shops outside the fort were still closed, but they found another one a kilometre away. It started raining heavily. The rain, the hot chai in hand and the sutta that followed. They spoke about their families, her short stay in an unknown city and how strangely they met.

‘Was it love?’ she laughed at the thought, whatever it was…she never wanted it to end and for him, it was an experience, another lovely experience in his bucket.

A 5am crazy drive in the rain, in heavy rain and both of them on the activa, drenched. The date, the time, the company couldn’t have been better. He told her about the stories, about the time he last traveled the same road and she listened, with a slight blush and happy to be part of another story he will probably tell his grand-children.

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