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Watching television may hurt your relationship. Is it really so??

Television often gets a bad rap. If your mom was anything like mine, she often warned that if you sat too long in front of the TV it would “rot your brain.” Keeping TV’s potential for brain degradation aside, watching TV is enjoyable, isn’t it? Yes, it has harmful effects especially on kids but you may find a nagging wife or a husband in every second house for the same. Wives are fed up with news channels and cricket matches and husbands are disgruntled over Saas bahu and saazish…;)

But dear readers, let me tell you that according to a recent article from the Journal of Personal and Social Relationships, watching TV with your partner could actually improve your relationship.

The benefits of shared media use on relationship quality are superb when partners do not have as many friends in common; in other words, watching TV is especially helpful when couples don’t have as many shared friends. Together, this demonstrates the importance of shared activities and highlight how couples can adapt in ways that can benefit the relationship. Specifically, when they lack shared friends, couples can compensate by placing greater importance on shared media.

So, this study gives you free reign to binge watch all of your favorite shows each night with your partner. Television and movies do have a special or unique benefit for relationships like other shared activities. The media format probably isn’t responsible for the improvement, but rather the fact that couples are sharing an experience and as a result have more in common and more to talk about together. Try it out, it is really fun!

The useless discussions like whether Salman was looking an idiot or a hero in yellow pant and red shirt…;) or the serious ones on Arnab Goswami’s debates, TV gives you material to communicate and provides enjoyable moments with your partner. Isn’t it??

With that in mind, it’s also possible that spending an hour going for a run as a couple or playing a board game together could have similar benefits. But, if you and your partner find Netflix time more enjoyable than running or playing chess together, you shouldn’t feel guilty about vegging on the couch and watching Game of Thrones or This is Us together…it just may help your relationship. And don’t forget the popcorns!! 😉

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