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We All Deserve a Second Chance, Don’t We?

A few months back I had a family function to attend and I fixed an appointment with a friend who runs a beauty salon. I’ am a regular customer of this salon and over the years I and the owner of the salon had become good friends. Hence, I always preferred for her to do any of the tasks such as the hair cut, eyebrow shaping etc. However, when I went, my friend was busy with other clients and she asked me to wait. I decided to wait and looked around. There were two other girls in training. Although one of them was busy working with few other clients, another trainee caught my eye. She looked scared and worried. I overheard some of the ladies talking “ the girl is a new one here and does not even know how to hold the scissors. I really don’t want her to do anything on me. What if she cuts my hair all wrong, I cannot afford for such a mistake”

By the time my friend made herself free, I decided to get my hair cut done by the new girl called Divya(name changed). I told the same to my friend, and knowing me she smiled and openly agreed. She called Divya and told her to do the cut as whatever I prefer. Divya was visibly shaking. I tried to make her feel as comfortable as possible with small talks and told her to do the simple cut which ever she is familiar with. She did do some errors though and tried to apologize for it. I realized she was really good at her work, but the fear of doing a mistake, made her do them. I brushed her off telling the hair is going to grow in few days and the wrong cuts will never be noticed. Beauty and good looks are in our behaviour and how compassionate we are towards others isn’t it? Remaining all other makeups and stuff is just temporary.

After that incident, I could not make myself free and went back after two months. To my surprise, I saw the same two women who did not want Divya to do anything to them a few months back, requesting Divya to do their hair cut!! They waited for her to finish all other clients. Divya is no employee of mine, nor we are related in any way! But, at that moment my heart rushed with a feeling of being proud. As soon as Divya looked at me, she beckoned me to a chair and said “ Akka (sister), you did not come back after that day, I was so worried. But you gave me such a hope that I worked hard and I learned so many different styles. Tell me what hair cut you want, I can do that without a mistake now.” Call me stupid, or emotional but I could not hold back that single happy tear which was so stubborn to flow out. I came back home after an hour with a beautiful new hair style which everyone appreciated as it made me look different, unique and wow.

Dear friends, I understand that there are so many situations where we do not want things to go wrong. But do give a second chance for those young learners who try so hard for a living. By being compassionate and kind, be it anywhere, any job. No one can be an expert right from the beginning. Remember, we all learn from our mistakes. Give and take those little chances. You have my word! Your kindness today will definitely be rewarded tomorrow.

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