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We, the women are tired of listening these. Aren’t we?

Being born in a female anatomy brings in a lot of perks but at the same time it also brings in restrictions. We know that you want to protect us from the brutal world but seriously, it’s time that you give us our own space.

Being a woman myself, I also go through this phase wherein I had to listen to stuff which sometimes sounded weird and bizarre. So, here I am enlisting some of these, I’m sure all you ladies will comprehend with it (and with all due respect, this is not at all intended to hurt anyone’s emotion).

Here we go:

  • So, a girl is born to the family; what next comes is the great advice from elders and other experienced people, start saving for her marriage.
  • A grows up and wants to go out to study; you can study in this city, there is no need to move out and live in a separate city.
  • And then comes the baap of all statements, you are growing old, it’s time that you should get married. Look at other girls, they are all getting married and some even have a child now.
  • Apart from this, girl’s culinary skills are an emblem of how well they have been brought up. Your mother and grandmother continuously pester you to learn cooking, be a perfectionist, speak slow and if possible don’t speak at all.
  • The moment you have to meet a guy to get married, you are expected to decide your life partner by serving tea and samosa. What I fail to understand, how can one decide whether the person is right or not just by serving samosa? (well, here even the guys are victims but I will prefer sticking to girls ,I’m a woman after all 😉
  • Once you get married, you will be webbed in tradition and customs. And you have to follow it whether you believe it or not. One thing which I seriously fail to understand, why a newlywed girl should speak less and speak low? If you know the answer please leave your comments below.
  • You must know how to drape a saree and have 12 inches Ghoongat, it doesn’t matter if you are abusing and creating issues but if you are wearing a saree, you are a perfect ‘sansakaari’ bahu.
  • A standard line, I am sure all girls turned women must have heard at least 100 times by father, brother(younger or elder, doesn’t matter) is what have you worn, go dress sensibly, as if we there’s a uniform for girls everywhere. 😐
  • Then if I talk about interest in sports, a big No No for girls, ask why? Coz she may turn dark and in India especially, boys don’t approve of dark complexioned girls. So, Nobody will marry you is another in the list.

If you agree to these facts, don’t forget to like and share, till then

Be happy with what you are and what you want to be.


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