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We were in relationship from past 8 years & he left me to marry his parent’s choice.

At twilight, it was raining heavily and I planned to celebrate monsoon in my own way. I lead to my favorite coffee shop, sat on my favored couch near the window and ordered my “best-loved coffee”. I was accompanied by my best friend “my diary”.

I pondered to pen down something really remarkable when my phone rang. My best friend’s name flashed.

Coffee, rain and chit-chat with your best friend – the splendid combo you can wish for.

I received the call with the smile and pleasure.

“Hi Saba, What a pleasant surprise, When did you come back from Mumbai? “ I asked in a delighted tone.

She didn’t reply anything but started crying. My happiness vanished and I got anxious.

“What’s the matter, Saba? Where are you?” I queried.

She was still crying over the phone.

I asked nothing and gave her time to be in a state to reply.

“Tanu, my 8 years of relationship has come to an end. His marriage is materialized”, she mewled.

I couldn’t believe my ears because I knew they were deeply in love with each other. For me, they were an ideal couple.

“What? When? What happened between you two? I asked in a state of shock. This news gave me a blow.

“He informed me that he cannot hold back anymore for my parent’s approval. His family is pressurizing and is not ready to listen to anything. His family has found a match for him”

“But you were close to his family too, isn’t it? I quizzed her.

“Yes, I don’t know who changed and when all I know is I cannot breathe without him. He met that girl last week and he is getting married next month. Everything is happening at a gallop. I was just a passing cloud for him.”

I was out of words. How can anyone change so quickly? Such men don’t even realize how much a girl will be affected. Love has become a mere time pass for them.

“Saba, don’t hold your tears but don’t let that affect you for long. I will meet you tomorrow. Do not beg for love in front of that coward. If he knew your worth he would not have gone. Do not call him back. He doesn’t deserve you. You have a backbone but he doesn’t. Be happy that you didn’t marry a wrong man.”

“But I want him back. I feel stifled. I gave my eight years to him.  I’ll slip away without him. I feel so worthless. What’s wrong with me? Why did he leave me? How can love change? I supported him in every phase of life. I cannot live without him.” She bawled.

I really had a lot to say but seeing her pain I choose to say nothing that time. I wanted her to cry and let go of whatever she had inside.

But her words and pain left me with many thoughts.

I was wondering why are we girls so emotional. Why do we believe that we are weak and only someone else can keep us happy?  Why do we often look for “someone’s support” in our life? Why do we give them the power to hurt us? Why do we make them believe that they are our backbone? Why do we not value our own independence, our strength? Why we let anyone take charge of our life? Why?

Dear ladies, just a gentle reminder:

Remember, you are special. You are the vigorous creature of God. God trusted your strength that’s why he blessed you with the power of giving birth to another life. You must not waste your life for anyone. Your life has a purpose, figure that out.

Heartbreaks are part of life. Let that make you impregnable and finer person. It was not your fault. Mistakes happen or probably it wasn’t destined. May be God has better plans stored for you. Trust and keep your faith alive. Life will gift you ups and down. Enjoy the heights but do not give up when you are low. Cry gracefully. Crying is just an emotion that keeps your heart light. It is not the sign of weakness. Do not let any emotion splinter you or weaken you.

Cosset yourself. Gift yourself. You will cherish it. Be independent and Maverick. Take charge of your own life. There is nothing that you cannot do. Find a hobby, do not spend all your time on someone else. It will make you feel worthy. Always dress up for yourself. Wear what your heart wants. Wear what impresses your eyes. It will develop confidence in you. Do not expect from anyone. People don’t hurt, your own expectations do.

Never beg for anyone’s love. If he’s worthy he will see your worth too. Do not live for society. You are not born to impress this society. Do not change for anyone. People won’t appreciate anyways.

Wear a winsome smile. Do not give anyone key to your happiness.

Make yourself so exemplary that you love spending time with yourself. Stay fit. Work on your body. It will stay with your forever. Live life on your conditions. Rule yourself.

You are the most powerful yet exquisite creation of God.

Know your worth.”

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  1. Shweta

    Beautiful piece of writing!

  2. Hardeep Chuahan

    Exquisite Writing!! As always! Peace!! ✌

  3. Shobhika John

    It is quite common now a days. Don’t know what is happening. Actually girls don’t knw their super power.
    Overall it’s a well written incident.

  4. Shanta Barman

    Well said …be happy be strong and enjoy ur company

  5. Ashutosh Singh Raghuvanshi

    Good one

  6. Chandni singh

    Well written and so very true

  7. Anshu Ghodawat

    Amazingly written… enjoyed reading!!

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