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What happens in a girl’s hostel?

I have always observed that there is a constant curiosity amongst the male part of the population regarding the girls hostel. Well…not many people are aware about what happens in a girls hostel and I am here to break the secret for you. Not very loyal to my fellow girls…but secret toh bahar aana hi tha naa kabhi na kabhi.

So here is a list of things/events that happens in a girls hostel:

  • A lot, a lot and a lot of gossip. In-room gossips.
  • No, we don’t roam around naked on corridors, we too wrap our towels around our body and roam around and no one tries to snatch them away.
  • Dirty toilets and a lot of notices mentioning to keep the toilets clean.
  • Smoke and smoke up sessions. Yes!!!
  • Before a college party, the washrooms turn into make up rooms, very messy make up rooms, and corridors, a ramp.
  • No shouting, it is always always (exception: read the above point) silent. No one likes giving or receiving complaints to or from  warden.
  • Selfie sessions and a lot of them.
  • Stalking sessions.
  • Advice talks.
  • Deep discussions about love, life, guys, mess food, guys, courses, guys, teachers and guys 😛
  • Birthday celebrations and they never go wrong.
  • Barter system, clothes, accessories, shoes etc (which reminds me that my friend has two of my favorite ear-rings) urghhh!
  • Re-decorations.
  • Dance and jamming sessions.

Now you know 😉

PS: this is entirely out of my personal experience.

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  1. saroja vasanth

    This reminded my own hostel life and such fun it was! Although we complained the mess food was bad today, I crave for it sometimes. It’s one of the best experiences in life. Nice article! Come to think of it, after reading this, I remembered that I lost one of my favourite dress to a dear friend because she thought it suits her better than me. 😉

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