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What is the colour of your love…??

Love is an overrated word, because the path to reach love and to be with it, is something more challenging. They say it is easy to fall in love and if we talk of love in 2017, it happens every now and then. People love to eat chicken, no matter in the process, they are actually killing it…lolz.

But jokes apart, Love is a wonderful flavour of our lives. If your love is true, that awesome feeling is unmatchable.  Never ever we should try to be judgemental for any lover. As our taste towards our food, choice of our clothes, the colour of our love towards our soulmate is as desired by us.

So jotting down few colours of love here,

Pink…the first love –

Yes, we all had experienced it. That first encounter with someone that made us believe in love.  Some agree to first love and others rename it as infatuation or just attraction. But mind it that Pink Colored love is never off your mind in whole life. You somehow remember every bit of it.

Blue….the one-sided love-

Blue coloured because it is full of blues….lolz. Yea, one-sided love with somebody who is non-approachable to us or we are not able to express our love. The advantage of loving your love with him not knowing is more miraculous than expressing and loving.

Red…..the expressed love-

Once you express and propose your lover than nothing is more desired than his or her affirmation. Once you get yes, you feel on the top of the world. Nothing can match this feeling.

Purple…the never expressed love-

There was some feeling with him or her always. You were good buddies, but none of you ever expressed your love and left everything on your fate. No matter how long it is, even if you have parted ways now, even if married to different people, but you still love to stalk his or profile over social networking websites. wink wink.

Black….the ditching love –

When you get ditched from someone who was not as serious as you. You feel the pain of Devdas and tends to listen to all sad songs and gazals. Just to realize, life is long and good things are in future.

White….the sacrificing love-

when you knew you cannot be together or your lover can be super happy another way around. You sacrificed for your love, for his betterment. This is the purest form of love for sure.

So what is your colour … find out now!

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