What Nirbhaya wants to appeal today for Praduman!! 4721

They ripped my body…

They ripped my dignity…..

They ripped my dreams…..

They ripped my life…………..and they are still alive…!!

If you remember me I am Nirbhaya, a girl who was brutally raped and left to die on 16th December’12’s night. I know it’s an old story now but I am here today because my soul is in pain and tormented once again…

I am suffocated, flustered and frightened too with news of Praduman brutally murdered and a little girl of 5yrs raped in their respective schools with in three days. My intestines were pulled outside my body and his throat was slit wide open….Oh Gosh!! You can’t imagine the pain and fear….Dictionary doesn’t and cannot have a word to describe what we went through..!

Okay, you said I was out for a movie at night… I was wrong and it was my mistake etc etc but I want to ask you today was Praduman also wrong in using a washroom of his school?? Was that little girl in a school uniform was wrongly dressed and out at a wrong time??

Please answer me……this goes to all those who are sitting on administrative chairs and are just concerned about how to remain seated on those positions forever. My question is to the lawmakers, to the ministers, to the officers….to the PM of this country.

Why can’t you frighten these monsters these devils like they frightened us? Me, Praduman…..&…&…

Yes, they frightened us to the extent that our souls are still trembling. Traumatize them…torture them as they did to us.

Where are you, the honorable human rights people?? Why don’t you stand with my and their and each such parent who has lost everything in their lives with us?

When you say ‘Human Rights’ its is for humans not for these demons. NO rapists have human rights…..

Give tortures ..give them trauma to the extent that each man with such sick mentality should get a shiver before even thinking of any such crime. Scare their souls…scare them to the hell…Do it NOW..NOW!

You named me…Nirbhaya(one who never fears)…let me tell you today…I was scared..really scared and I am scared today also. I am scared for each fellow girl…for each child out there…I am scared!

You made me celebrity over night. You named funds after me. No need of all this, if you really want to do something make your laws strict & deadly for rapists and molesters. No one should dare to touch anybody without his/her consent. Make my country safe for all women…for little ones. PLEASE!

Do what Yemen administration did to a child rapist and murderer. Punish them publicly…punish them as brutally as they were with us. It is my last appeal to you people.

Do it for me…for Praduman..for….for….

Do it so that there will be no more Nirbhayas and Pradumans…EVER!

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Not Just a Metro Story!! 3413

I was traveling in the metro today; at Yamuna Bank station, a person’s mobile fell on the platform while he boarded the train. Thereafter he pressed the button to talk to the metro conductor, who put a security guard to the task of finding his mobile. It was found and returned to the owner finally, as we heard from the public announcement 5 minutes after.

In the meanwhile, during the panic moments, and after the mobile was found, about 10 People in proximity to the mobile owner (in the metro) were constantly conversing about this episode: some assisting, some commentating, and some just overly concerned.

I don’t intend to show anyone in a bad light; on the contrary, I put forth one point: India is essentially not an individualistic Society.

Within the blood of Indians, flows collectivism. Even if there’s lack of initiative and bravery by Junta to actively rescue someone, it goes without saying that we are all concerned. We like to stop at accidents, talk to strangers in metros, and many others, because we are still a village-society at heart- deep within our blood.

Would you blame these people for not being brave enough to “rescue” others? I don’t. I don’t because I understand that we Indians still struggle to survive every day; we don’t have ample bread, and we live in a society full of petty crimes. Our police and judicial system are such slow and painful, that it requires extraordinary courage, and more importantly, ample time to behave like a responsible citizen.

With all its lacunae, India is at least a society living in collectivism. I remember, a few years back, I met with an accident in Noida sector 62. It was such that my car had overturned; though before it did, I managed to decrease the pace of car manifold, and when the car actually imbalanced and fell, we were almost unharmed.

That wasn’t the miraculous part. What was miraculous was, that within 3 minutes, 20 people gathered, picked up my car, and put it back on its wheels. They immediately advised me to flee the accident scene (I hadn’t crashed into anyone, only my car had fallen because of a sharp turn I took), otherwise, police would come to cause me trouble.

What a wonderful episode that was (well, of course, besides my car being damaged).

But point being, we Indians are not that bad at all!

Now, look at us. Us, the educated youngsters. When we see the jhuggis, the bastis, the urban villages, camps, and shanties; aren’t we all filled with at least inquisitiveness? At least this thought flows: who are these people, and from where are they?


Those 7-year-olds selling roses: we surely have at least once thought- I’ll bloody inquire and assess what could be done about this shitty state of affairs.


I do really believe that none of us could be really happy unless all of us are.

But then what to do? Surely there people live in unsafe bastis, full of criminals.

Well, kinda NOPE. They’re just helpless. Those bastis that you think is full of criminals: Nope. They’re just really poor and needy. Those corners you think are full of drug addicts, sitting with knives? Well, drugs, yes; knives, no. इतना भयंकर कुछ नहीं होता।

Those of you sitting on the edge of striking a conversation with these people- DO IT!

Those people about to try and help those people out- DO IT!

If your friend circle is thinking of entering a basti, talk to its head, see what could be done- DO IT!

If one friend circle takes up a basti, within a year, everything will be clean and green in its truest sense. You see, the government is mighty, but far from all encompassing.

You know what you could do? Write letters. Talk to the Pradhan of a basti, enquire local problems, talk to government officials, write letters to them every week. Let me tell you this as a lawyer: As per law, no letter could be simply thrown in the bin. A letter sent creates a record- forever. And records are very damning.

There are many other ways and avenues, which even you’ll get to know, and better than me.

But first, do it. घर से बाहर निकलो। It is indeed a worthwhile pursuit.

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I will rise from the ashes, I will rise every time you make me fall! 245

Dear All,

This is my small dedication to all the women who have defeated the orthodox ideologies and hypocrisies and are fighting the battle to emerge as a winner in life. This poem is an expression of our strength, power, and thinking.

I will rise from the ashes, I will rise every time you make me fall.
The blames and allegations are not going to deter me to be what I am and whom I want to become.

Every time the world will knock me down, I will rise from the ashes.
Day and night are no different to me
If I want to become what I want to be.

I have been knocked down many times
Told that I can’t face the struggles of the world
But you forgot that I was born as a female, which in itself is an addition of Fe – iron to the male.
I am iron, I am steel
Maybe I’m not a man but I was born to face every damn deal.
You can’t judge my figure, my nature and my colour
Based on my clothes, ideas or gender.
I was born to be as free as you are,
Live the world as merrily and as I can.

Don’t give us the freedom which is shackled,
Let us be free to fly as high as Mallard.

Freedom of expression is not based on gender,
Then why speaking for myself becomes a matter so troublesome.
Let us talk, walk and laugh,
Without having a second thought.
It’s not much to demand
Just the basic rights that we should have in hand.