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What’s your child’s score?

So the much-awaited results for this academic year are out. Everywhere everyone is asking to each other, “what’s your child’s score”?

Seriously, this has become so important question to be asked by everyone to each other and this has actually lead both parents and their children to immense pressure throughout the year and more so during exams. The fear of not getting good grades takes troll on the children and sometimes they succumbed to the pressure and thus fail to give their best. Then we label them as a poor or weak student. Society at large has gone mad in this rat race of who wins. And we all are actually losing it. We are loosing all the learning we should have learned if we were not made a part of this rat race. We are loosing the cool quotient of life and all the fun associated with the learning process.

Where are we heading?

If any child does not get 10 CGPA, the parents and kids are put to shame by people by extending their sympathy towards them. Have you ever thought of saying,” it’s okay, do better next time beta”. You have actually told him/her that he/she doesn’t stand at par with the rest of the crowd without even knowing his/her other qualities.  Who knows if the child who couldn’t score 10 CGPA is better than those who have topped their class, in the other fields arts, music and anything at all. Why only the academic performance of a kid is given so much of importance? Why we don’t sit and think that no one will win in this rat race. We are ruining our next generation by putting loads of our expectations on their tender shoulders.

Somewhere some parents feel proud of their son’s medical selection and at the same time somewhere someone’s parents are grief stricken because they lost their only child who committed suicide because he/she couldn’t make his/her parent’s dreams come true by clearing these entrance tests to medical/engineering college.

Why don’t we teach our children to accept failures as gracefully as we cheer their success? Why it’s not okay for us to fail? We can always have a second chance and maybe a better one than the first.

There is still time to rethink, mold your methods, let your child excel where they want to be. Let’s support our children by giving their dreams a wing to fly. Let’s stop the stupid game of comparing.

Let’s feel proud in whatever they score. Work with them, help them to improvise, support them so that they remain confident in whatever they do. And above all love them and show it to them that you care and you will stand with them no matter what.

Believe me, your child’s report card grades shows only his status of mind for that 1hr, doesn’t show his actual ability.

So, raise a child and not a rat. Let them roar fiercely and let that roar be heard by the sky.

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