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When a dream comes true!!

I still remember the excitement I used to feel every time I saw aeroplane when I was a kid. In my little mind, I always wished to see that flying beauty from near, wanted to touch, wanted to sit inside…wanted to fly with it!!

As I grew up, my wish.. my dream too became big…from travelling in an aeroplane it was now to roam the world. I always look up to the people who are living abroad with a great desire to be one of them. Honestly, sometimes I was jealous too. Fascinated by the thought of living abroad in a totally new culture and society of different people, I never left watching aeroplanes from my balcony thinking when will I be able to get flown away! But deep down I knew that being from a middle-class family, the dream was a hard nut to crack.

Years went by and the thought got stored somewhere beneath the layers of my mind. Education and career became the priority. Cupid struck and I got engaged with the love of my life. Everything was going on as usual until one day when I got the news that my would be has got a job in Dubai. An electric current ran through me and my long lost dream was fresh in my mind. I was both happy and amazed. Many questions were battling inside my mind. I just wanted to experience flying to be there.

“Don’t worry I will make your dream come true”, said my love, while calling from Dubai. The very next day I applied for the passport. Still was not sure whether I will be able to make it but applied and after about two months it was there in my hand. The eagerness of being there was multiplying with each day passing away still I was left with no option than to keep twirling its pages.

The thing which was essential before visiting Dubai was my marriage. As it was to be love marriage it took a little time and struggle but yes it happened. Always will be grateful to our parents. And yes a month later I was all set to fly. Flying to Dubai finally. My eyes shined when I saw my visa for the first time giving me goosebumps. Still clueless whether it was the excitement of going to Dubai or for flying.

Finally, the day arrived and was all set to fly to Dubai. I was experiencing mixed emotions. On one hand was sad to leave the home country, family and friends whereas on the other hand was happy that I am getting closer to my dream. My each footstep was making me getting closer and closer to my destination which I had always longed for. As the plane was taxiing for taking off butterflies ran through my stomach and my heartbeats were faster than a bullet train.

Being a first-time flyer I paid attention to all the safety instructions being provided by the air hostess while some others don’t seem to be interested at all. The journey was about to take 3 and a half hours time and there were many entertainment channels available to keep us occupied. I briefed through some while relishing the yummy food provided.

The pilot made the announcement as we neared to our destination. My heart jolted with joy and I had set my eyes on the window to see the night view of the city. I was mesmerized by the beauty of the city. Street lights looked like orange pearls and the skyscrapers touching the sky. Also got the glimpse of the famous Burj Khalifa. So was now at Dubai, beginning of a new life in a new city.

“So dear at last you reached”, said my husband and a feeling of contentment ran through me.

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