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When surprise guests surprise no more!!

“Surprise” is no more pleasant, when accompanied with the word “Guests”. Like all ‘wives’ and ‘bahus’ of the family, I too used to fear of surprise guests. But in the due course of time, now I am thankful to these surprise guests, who are the reason for my efficiency as a cook and homemaker. I have learnt to be handy with many instant cooking options. Surprise Guests might be foraying like the mother in laws, who are in habit of conducting a raid on your regular efficiency and on the other hand, they might not want to bother you with preparations. So, let it be any case, it’s time to prove yourself.

In my case, as most of my relatives live in nearby cities, I often go through such situations. My city is known for the handloom products, so they often visit for shopping of drapery and handlooms. Ironically, most of them are in the least habit of informing and turning up exactly at the time of lunch. But for this, they are not the only one responsible all the time, as mostly my loving husband forgets to tell me about all those received calls of Bua ji, Chachi ji, Fufaji etc etc etc. And I just love him for that. 😉

As the doorbell rings, my dear husband would receive ‘them’ warmly and would say” Awwwww! I  really forgot to tell about their call”, as I gaze at him with my big eyes that he ignores. Then comes the next dialogue,” PEHLE CHAI YA LUNCH? VAISE TIME TO LUNCH KA HI HAi”. Now, what I can say.

But with these experiences ( quite frequent ones), I have learned a lot. Being a homemaker Goddess, now I am always ready with my instant recipes of pakoras and pizzas for tea time, frozen masalas for curries with cottage cheese for lunch or a dinner, peeled frozen peas, cut and diced vegetables, tadka mixture for dal and dry fruits for desserts. Above all are my smile and coolness that makes my guest feel cozier followed by compliments for me, of course.

Though good food is liked by all and especially for Punjabis, it is not just food but their way to show respect and love. So my dear fellow ladies…never panic in such situations, especially in the case of guest from in-law’s side. Be ready with instant recipes like me to save the face and look calm, cool and confident coz that’s what helps to compensate all the missing ingredients. 😉

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