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When will I fit into that old jeans and top of mine?? :(

I am 34 and had been trying gyms, yoga, walk and possibly all workouts and diets from last so many years to shed at least few pounds but seriously being a Punjabi from a so-called” khate peete Ghar ki ” …least results are possible. If I mistakenly shed even few grams, a couple of compliments are enough to gain them back. 😉

But in this process, I have made lots of friends. Varieties of gym-goers and walkers are in my circle now and few types that I found worth sharing are:

Blessed ones:

They eat everything from panipuri to aloo tikki ; from chole bhature to moong dal halwa. They hardly come to the gym like once in a week to make us jealous of their looks and weight. I wonder at their metabolism and am really envious of them being so lucky.

Clammy people:

Whatever amount of deodorant they put on, vanishes into the air in about 10 minutes of workout(that results in dripping hair and smelly t-shirts) and it seems as if they are exercising for hours, and I don’t even have wet frons after burning 120 calories on the treadmill. What is it? 🙁

People in high-spirits:

Also, there are people, who have shown results, due to which people like me have to listen much. ‘Dekho maine kitna reduce kar lia’, ‘mooh pe taala lgana padta hae’, ‘aap bhi aaj Se diet shuru karo’……’subah char glass garam paani pia karo’…blah ..blah..!!!!Ask them about their diet, they will say, “we eat everything but cautiously”. Now, what is this ‘everything’ and ‘cautiously’…is beyond my comprehension. 😐

Drama queens:

Always present in all gyms with ‘ kitni garmi hae’, ‘ye kaise karna hai’, ‘Sir. Please, class ka time thoda late kar do’, ‘main to sirf salad hi khati hoo ya raat ko bhookh lage to clear soup le leti hun’……oh my-my!! I am sure you must also be familiar with these statements. Aren’t you? Coz this type is the most common one 😉

Selfie syndrome:

I have seen people, who come here only to look themselves in mirrors, making poses and pouts and clicking selfies to update their DP’s, only come to show off their sexy figures.(I’m jealous)

My type :

I am not the only one of my type here, there are many like me who only remember the words like, diet control, strict diet etc etc after gulping cold drinks and chole bhature but the blame goes to my Punjabi genes…control hi nahi hota!

And just in case I continue a strict diet for more than two days, my caring husband has to offer me a  chocolate after dinner coz …Is se kuch nahi hota!  Also, it is really significant to mention all kitties, kirtans, dabbas from the neighbourhood and wedding invitation sweets, that really deviates me from my diet plan.

Then from next morning, I start it all over again and to do so my old fitted jeans and top, saree blouse kept somewhere in my wardrobe, waiting for their turn are truly an inspiration. Deep in my heart, I do believe……..

Thank God size of scarfs and footwear remains same and doesn’t change. LOL!

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