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When with In-laws do as they do to have fringe benefits!

Like all other girls, I too feared of having the mother-in-law and dealing with her attitude and the challenge is bigger in the marriage, that is love cum arranged as mine. Challenge is to prove that we as a couple have made the right choice, that our families would not regret.


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Today, after eight years of successful marriage, where I have bagged one of the best mother-in-law and daughter-in-law Jodi award in my social circle. I feel blessed the way she has accepted me and treated me. These eight years while I was working on my career wholeheartedly there she was being a perfect mom to my children. My school friends at coffee kitty tell me how jealous they are of me because of my mother-in-law. I work ( have to travel to NCR a lot because of company’s meetings), I go for outings with friends, I go for vacations with my husband( minus kids) and my mom-in-law understand everything and supports me.

Drooling already !! Ha ha! Mother-in-laws like this can be easily available to anyone. For this, I do not want to take whole credit myself.I did accept them as my family wholeheartedly and Yes, it was her also, who tried to accept me well. But what did I do, to be the apple of my mother-in-law’s eyes? Here is the catch! I just did what her children were doing. Like, her children were giving her utmost care and importance always, asking her opinions at every point, loving and praising her cooking skills always. Apart from all these, like other daughter-in-laws, I never tried to prove myself best and perfect from what she is.  Rather, I made her comfortable, so that I may not seem different from her kids. Further, I presented my own self as a starter and not as an expert of anything. Because of this dumbness, my mother-in-law took initiative to teach me her ways so well that now I hardly fail in any task now. The whole process of learning has really knitted us closer and even trained me so well in the daily tasks and other rituals or procedures.

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Ahaa !! fringe benefits! She doesn’t want me to cook always but occasionally. Pamper me as her own child. Advice and guide me as my parents and if gone wrong, forgive and forgets. She places me ahead of her own daughters. She handles my children in my absence. And pampers me like anything. My own biological mother seems to be jealous and insecure sometimes because of my relation with my mother- in-law and calls it’s my luck.

Though I call it my positive perspective towards life. When my own children call her mum and me as Sheena, I hardly find it awkward. Rather I find it more okay. I want them to have more close relation with her, as what she can teach from her experience I cannot even think.  I believe, Attitude is essential but Ego is not needed at all when you want to make your relation a hit.

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